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Kill Dins of Phone Call, Cell Phone Jammer

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Kill Dins of Phone Call, Cell Phone Jammer

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Posted on 25th Nov 2011 @ 4:47 PM

How to get out of the continuous dins of mobile phones has persecuting us for a long time. After the struggling, cell phone jammer here www.jammerall.com meet with you in a new face to keep off your problems.

Worldwide Full Band Cell phone Jammer (CDMA/GSM/3G/DCSPHS)

In recent years, take advantage of the modern communication technology, we've lived in more than comfortable life. With computer, we can know the whole world without getting out of houses. Part of people like to both live and work at home, we call them otaku. Under the help of mobile phones, we can communicate with anyone we need without the limitation of distance. As for those otaku, they are lucky to escape the disturbance of cell phone rings, but to most of ordinary people, everyday you get out and have to face with different kinds of topics, gossips or complaints on the phone, you can't fed up with it any longer. What can kill the endless dins of rings on earth, science has given you the idealist answer-cell phone jammer.

In some public places, such as theatre, hospital, gas station and some others need silence and have no phone call ban during most of time. However, the fact is that still many people don't abide by the rule and talk on the phone without considering others' feeling. Have you ever experienced the situation that when you are appreciating one of the famous operas, the guy beside you always spoke out some sweet words by the phone, annoying one. If it is possible, you just want to throw his gadget away and leave some warning words, then went away immediately.   How to stop the terrible situation? The topic comes back to the signals blocking device. Following are details about this kit.

The cell phone jammer is an instrument that is specially designed for disabling the normal transmission of the cell phone nearby and its base station. Historically speaking, it is mainly used in the military missions to assist army to defeat their enemy. It is true that from past to present, the phone signal blocker really brings us so lots conveniences. Now as the social issue about noise is becoming obvious, so the personal use of cell phone is widely spread. There is trend that a man holds a mobile phone I the right hand and a cell phone jammer in the left one, just a joke. When you turn on the button of the jammer device, the sign of "no service" and "no signals" will show on the screen, the mobile phone within the jamming range will die temporally. After finishing the process, just turn off the button, phones will come into life again.

By using the same frequency as the cell phones, the cell phone jammer creates strong interference to the communication between the caller and the receiver. It is efficient in blocking the transmission of signals from the phone networks, including UMTS, 3G, CDMA, GSM and PHS. When it is necessary, switch on the cell phone jammer, then all cell phones within the range of the jammer will be jammed within two to five seconds. The time for starting the jammer process is about 30 seconds and its effective range is within 30 to 50 meters.

As for more details about its installation or cleaning protection, you can pay a visit on www.jammerall.com for the ideal answer.