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If the Mobile Phone Signal Blocker should be installed in Class?

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If the Mobile Phone Signal Blocker should be installed in Class?

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Posted on 22nd Mar 2022 @ 10:36 AM

In today's world, cell phones are more popular with students than they were a few years ago. There are more and more pros and cons to use a cell phone in class; if it should be banned in class, and if the mobile phone signal blocker should be installed in class, this question has troubled us for a long time. There are three opinions about how we should make use of the mobile phone in class.

First, technology is advancing like a rocket. It is widely believed that speed will continue to increase in the future. In this context, one should of course invite more advanced tools into the classroom. Therefore, mobile phone voice is a good element to make the teaching process more effective, more interesting, more accurate and more interactive. For example, with a powerful video camera, a student who writes slowly doesn’t have to worry about missing out on something. While it should mention that the mobile phone is not popular when the teacher is having lessons. And when we have examinations, the mobile phone signal blocker without any doubt should be installed to avoid the cheating behaviors.

Second, it takes time for students to use cell phones properly in class, but education in this area is actually lacking. It doesn’t make sense to ban only cell phones in class. In the long run, teachers and students should try to get used to using cell phones in class. It is normal for students to use the wrong method at first. Just as the Internet was born, many teenagers are addicted to it. But over time, as attitudes about it gradually changed, it became a regular part of education. It's for the class, too. What we need most is adequate education, not prohibition.

Third, banning cell phones in the classroom may improve the students' attentions. Most supporters believe that mobile phones distract students, but the reason students can't focus on their teachers isn't just because they find something interesting on their phones. Some advocators hope to ban the use of mobile phone, so they recommend the use of the mobile phone signal blocker when the class is beginning and after class the admirer can turn off the button of the mobile phone signal blocker, then you can use the mobile phone again.    

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