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Matters about the signal jammer kit needing attention

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Matters about the signal jammer kit needing attention

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Posted on 30th Sep 2022 @ 6:35 PM

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Above the 16-antenna universal adjustable high-power 3G 4G phone jammer and WiFi UHF VHF GPS Lojack signal jammer suitable for all frequency bands is the latest model of our powerful product, used to ensure the safety of large buildings around. Also, before you place an order, you can determine how often you need to lock down, so our technicians can tailor your product to your needs. The range of frequencies it works on is amazing, because when the device is turned on; all the popular bands stop working, even parts of the low spectrum.

Matters about the signal jammer kit needing attention are following:

Firstly, the equipment shall not be placed on the ground, and the installation position shall be too low or too high, otherwise the shielding effect will be reduced;

Secondly, during installation and use, the power adapter shall be placed under or under the equipment side to avoid interference with the power adapter when the equipment is started and the equipment cannot work stably;

Secondly, when using, pay attention to correctly select the placement position of the equipment to achieve the ideal shielding effect and avoid shielding dead angle;

Last but not the least, the equipment shall be placed in a well ventilated place as far as possible, avoiding obstacles, strong heat source and strong electric and magnetic source, so as to ensure the stability of long-term working performance of the equipment.

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