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The Three Reasons to Use Cell Phone Antenna Booster

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The Three Reasons to Use Cell Phone Antenna Booster

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Posted on 30th Nov 2011 @ 1:04 PM

You never see the cell phone antenna booster in your daily life, even your mobile phone lost the function because of the weak signals? It is a good device to be used to make up for the coverage shortage of the base station. The device can expand the coverage range and fill the blind spot of the coverage. The cell phone antenna booster uses the dual-port design and the external power supply, so you can get an easy installation. The reliable device can have a good working bandwidth; the coverage includes GSM25MHz, 19MHz, 6MHz, CDMA10MHz, and DCS75MHz and so on. Some of them can be compatible with digital and analog systems. The device has some good technological features. For example, it belongs to a high system gain for people, the design and the external power supply allows you to have an easy installation. Some devices take the ALC technology to level automatically. There are three reasons for us to use cell phone antenna booster when we enjoy our common life.

GSM/DCS Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster (900MHz/1800MHz)

First of all, because our mobile communication business has a rapid development, the mobile communication users also have been increased. As a result, the cellular plan becomes smaller and smaller and the position of the base station becomes lower and lower. Then if there is a cell phone antenna booster for your use, the situation will be different for you.  

Secondly, with the development of the city contribution, the high buildings have been emerging day by day. Based on the shadow effects of the wireless communication, behind these high buildings and in the middle of these high buildings, the signal blind spot of the mobile communication will appear. In addition, during the construction process of the cellular base stations, because you should avoid the interference between the adjacent areas, the antenna has radiation pattern which has a main larger angle. Therefore, even you are in the upper part of the building, you still cannot be able to receive signal. Only use cell phone antenna booster, you can get the normal signals for your communication.

Thirdly, because the buildings have shielding effects to the electromagnetic wave, it makes there are no signals in the tunnels, subways, underground mall, entertainment buildings, parking lots, hotels, office buildings and some other large buildings. It is a big problem for people as it affects the normal life and communication of the people, then you can consider using the cell phone antenna booster to get the signals for your talking and messaging.

The above is the three reasons for us to use cell phone antenna booster. Of course, as a good device, the product can give us much more benefits, and if you can have a use, you will experience all personally. No matter what reason you want to get such a device, one thing is very important. The purchase place should be very perfect, because it will enhance your purchase. Buying your device on the website http://www.jammerall.com, every saving counts and the top quality can hit your needs.