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GPS signal jammer indeed block the GPS signal

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GPS signal jammer indeed block the GPS signal

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Posted on 22nd May 2024 @ 3:36 PM

I have to admit that the GPS shield is a good tool for the user. The signal shield is only temporarily turned on, and it is unlikely to be always on. If he turns off the shield, the GPS locator will have the signal again. The driver can quickly find the car based on the precise positioning information. This is the power of the GPS signal jammer.

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In addition to the GPS signal jammer, there is another jammer device you should know. It is the GPS signal detector. Some people will say that they will use the signal detector to find the GPS locator to destroy. There is nothing wrong, this is an objective fact, but it is only effective for some GPS signal devices. If the GPS locator is in the sleep state most of the time, there is no way for the signal detector to detect it! What happened? It is the sleep time.

The GPS signal jammer can indeed shield GPS signals, but there are some special functions, if you apply a multifunctional mobile phone GPS signal jammer, it will shield all signals in the car! Therefore, how to use the GPS shield must ensure the following:

1. GPS signal jammer can be used during pick-up and return, so even if there are tricks, there is no need to be afraid.

2. To return to your own area, do not need to close first, first find a car repair shop to carry out a large demolition. Make sure it is clean and tidy, and then close.

3. For safety reasons, a vehicle can continue to use the GPS mask for more than half a year. And to ensure that the GPS signal jammer can work normally for 24 hours.

You have known the power of the GPS signal jammer, if you need one, you can get one now.