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How to Install and Use Radio Detectors

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How to Install and Use Radio Detectors

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Posted on 30th Nov 2011 @ 5:16 PM

This radio detector is a handheld device for users, there is a SMA connector as the antenna base on the top. On the front panel, the top right oval hole is the speaker hole, on the left center it is LED indicator on tenth level. You can see the left power light and it can tell you the signals from weak to strong. The top button is power switch and detection threshold adjustment. When you know more about it, you will know how to install and use radio detectors.

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When you use the radio detectors, you should install the small configured antennas on the antenna pedestal. After loosening the screw cover and getting out the battery card, you can place the 9V laminated battery tight with the right positive pole and the right negative pole. (When you install the battery, the bottom button should be on the closed position.) Then you can tight the screws and screw the top button right. At this time, the power will be open and the LED indicator on the tenth level will be light. If you screw the knob from right to left, the light will be closed one by one and the volume of the speaker will be from higher to lower. Normally we adjust the left fourth; the radio detectors will have the best sensitivity.

When the radio detectors are close to the objector, its light will be on one by one and the speaker volume will be higher and higher. There is a distance between the two, you can adjust the device on the left fourth and reduce the distance, you can have a multiple test, and this process will help you get the final confirmation. This radio detector just can test the small area. If you want to test the large area, even if there is strong power, you still cannot get the changes. So you should choose the suitable one for your environment.

When you enter the scene, you should set the detection threshold. You can search and observe the changes of the radio detectors; you also should adjust the detection threshold according to the scene. You can analyze the changes of the devices. Sometimes, a small area also has the large changes. Normally in the building the metal devices can form a reflective wave if there is no objector. Of course, you can change position and test again. If you test carefully, you can get the reliable result. If you are familiar with the environment, your used time will be shorter and shorter. For the strange environment, you can get the test according to the experience. If your device has the sudden dramatic changes, there is signal transmission in the vicinity.

From the above, surely you know the installation and use of the radio detectors. Then you will have a clear understanding of such a device; get one for your use? The website http://www.jammerall.com will be the first choice for you on the subject purchase. Whether the quality or the price, it will meet your needs totally.