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It is All about Cell Phone Jammer

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It is All about Cell Phone Jammer

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Posted on 30th Nov 2011 @ 5:29 PM

Cell phone jammer today, cell phone jammer everyday! Before we step into the nearby future, it is the time to start our journey to the real world of cell phone jammer. Details are from www.jammerall.com .

New Style High Power Desktop Cell Phone Jammer - CDMA/3G/GSM Blocker with 2 Cooler Fans

Before we get more information about what is a cell phone jammer or how to use it and where do you need to take it out, let's turn to the following scenes, you will easily know its function and power.

Imagine that during an important meeting or an international seminar, someone's phone is ringing one after another one. What is your feeling then, pick that guy out and blame him in front of so many important people, even though you wish, but the voice of the morals doesn't permit your choice. Sometimes the phone calls really spoil people's interests and continuous ones annoy people for a long time. In order to avoid the embarrassing phone ringing, cell phone jammers has been introduced. 

Go on another scene. In one examination room, two teachers are walking around and still one boy is clicking on his phones to ask for the answer of those choice questions. Lucky without drawing the teacher's attention, he begins to go on another battle. In fact, such situation always happened in schools. In order to avoid such cheating problem, no matter teachers or the leaders have tried lots of methods, but less of them does influence. Now with the coming out of cell phone jammer, there will be no mobile phone cheating anymore. Installed in school, you will have enough time to take care of the examination.

You must get more information from above cases. Then what is a cell phone jammer? A cell phone jammer is an implement that prevents transmission or receiving of signals, thus accordingly disables normal phone calls in an appropriate time. Once your specific area takes cell phone jammer device in use, people will find no signals on the screen of their phones. So the cell phone signal blocker is widely used in some places where silence is needed.

How does a mobile phone jammer work? Mobile phone jammers work like radio jammers by transferring the same frequency that cell phones function on. It creates quite lot interference during the process of signals communication. Therefore, a bell is unable to inform the cell phone. There is a phenomenon which can help you understand the working theory of mobile phone jamming. The wave sent by a phone is misled just like a person misleading the phone signal to another irrelevant place rather than to the right cell phone you need to locate. So at last phone calls fail to work.

On the market, you may seldom see the transaction of cell phone jammers, because it is illegal to do business in some American and European countries. If you need the device for your safe and quiet life, online stores will be your good choices. E-commence have been a fashionable trend during this year. You can pick out any jammer device of any design and price as you like. You can experience the bargain pleasure and the fast shipping security. In a word, buying a cell phone jammer from www.jammerall.com will add more convenience to your life.