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New Experience with Cigarette Cell Jammer

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New Experience with Cigarette Cell Jammer

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Posted on 14th Jul 2011 @ 10:27 AM

Have you ever had the experience that you hope that the cell phone of the people next to you is running out of power, imagine you want to have a sound sleeping environment while the passenger next to you is busy talking about his personal life over the cell phone and do not show any sign of making an end to the conversation? Does it occur to you that you want to throw out of the cell phone when someone keeps calling you but you just cannot refuse answering it, for the caller on the other side is very important to you? What can you do? Perhaps you've learned that cell phone jammer is offering the convenience for you. But you are hesitate because of the ugly appearance and heavy weight. Then cigarette cell jammer is a necessity for you.

Portable Cigarette Case Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Built in Antenna

At the first glance, you would be fascinated with its size and appearance. It looks like a cigarette pack and you can choose the brand and color of the pack according to your preferences. In terms of function, the cigarette cell jammer will help you to block the signals from any phone networks, such as UMTS, 3G, CDMA, GSM, PHS. The battery is built in and easy to charge. Compared with other cell phone jammer, the cigarette one is environmentally friendly with lower power consumption and do no harm to human body. All you need to do is switch the cigarette cell jammer on, you create a safe and private space on your own.

The cigarette jammer is great for various situations. It is helpful to protect your privacy and makes clear of the possibility that the private conversations are recorded. The celebrity can use it to guard the scene and avoid the leakage of private information. In the confidential forum, the cigarette cell jammer under the table can keep the secrets from getting out via a cell phone. The cigarette cell jammer can create a quiet and cozy atmosphere in the coffee shop. The cigarette cell jammer represents a safety hazard because the jammer blocks all calls in the blocking range, not just the annoying ones and also gives you safety and freedom you are longing for without being tracked.

Taken account of the aesthetic and the hidden nature, cigarette cell jammer is your wise choice. If you want to know more and learn about other cell phone jammers, you can contact us at our websitehttp://www.jammerall.com. First come, first served.