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The Way to Use Cell Phone Blocker

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The Way to Use Cell Phone Blocker

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Posted on 3rd Dec 2011 @ 10:55 AM

Nowadays, when you have a cell phone blocker, you can have the ability to stop the incoming calls from others. The device is very efficient for you because of the hot selling in the market. Of course, some telephone company also provides you with the features to stop the specific incoming calls through the caller's phone ID, but here we are talking about the way to stop the working of others' mobile phones around you. Want to know the using way of the cell phone blocker for your peace? Follow the steps in this article.

80W High Power Cellular Mobile Phone Jammer (GSM、CDMA、PCS、DCS)

The first: buy your wanted cell phone blocker in the market. In the market, all the blockers are various for you, they come with different design and different usage. You should confirm your wanted design and your wanted usage, and then you can consider what kind of product to buy. The next thing for you is your budget. Almost all the people know how to buy a good product with a big money, but the expensive price means the high quality? Only use your limited budget to get a perfect product, that is the best and also the most suitable for you.

The second: choose the area where you want to block. Different cell phone blocker can allow you to have a different effective coverage. You should make clear the effective coverage of your product, and then you can choose the suitable area to take your action. You can place such a device on the desk of the area or on the wall of the area; it will help you have a good use.

The third: make the connection. You can connect the device with the power supply, then open the switch of the power supply of the cell phone blocker. No matter what kind of product you use, you should take such a way; it is the only starting way.

The fourth: start the working of the cell phone blocker. After the device is connected to the power supply, you can press down the switch to start the working of the device. At this time, all the opened mobile phones will be in searching mode. It means that they lost the signals from the base station, and all the callers cannot be able to have a communication with the owners of those mobile phones. At the same time, the device can finish its working by this way. Of course, you cannot do anything with those jammed mobile phones because there is no signal from the base station for them.

Stop here, you will be very surprised as so simple its working is. Yes, you hit the point; the use of the cell phone blocker is very simple for all their buyers and their users. With a lot of usages, but you can use easily, who do not want to have one? Buy a perfect product, you should master some skills, but the most important is getting the best place where you can buy directly. The website http://www.jammerall.com will give you a big help for your purpose.