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The Common Questions about Radio Detectors

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The Common Questions about Radio Detectors

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Posted on 6th Dec 2011 @ 6:24 PM

How can the passive radio detectors work? The devices have the infrared receiver. When the scope has target intrusion and a movement, it will cause the changes of the infrared radiation within the area. The devices can detect the changes of such kind of the infrared and send the alarm signals. In fact, the radiation from other solid outside things is stable, but the object radiation is not like the solid outside things. When the stable radiation is broken, it means the object comes; the signals will change to send the alarm signals.

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How can the active radio detectors work? The devices are made up of two parts: the infrared transmitter and the receiver. For one end, it can send the infrared emission. For the other end, it can receive the infrared signals. When the infrared transmitter emits a modulated infrared beam, it will be toward the infrared receiver to form a cordon. When the target breaks into the security line, the infrared beam will be blocked partly or wholly, the receiver will receive the signal changes and send the alarm.

What should be considered when installing radio detectors? Normally the active devices are used indoors, so the working reliability is higher. If they are used outside, they will be affected by the climate greatly. Because the mirror is in the air, it will be contaminated by the dust and the debris easily, so you can have the free configuration according to the structure to get a flexible and convenient use. For the passive devices, you should not allow the blockers to leave in the area, or it will cause the blind spot. In order to avoid alarming, you should not aim the probe to the objects with rapid temperature changes, especially the heater. The devices should have a large alerting area to improve the sensitivity of the detectors. The different devices in the same room will not have the interference with each other.

How can you maintain the radio detectors? You should keep the surface of the devices clean. Do not open the case, being out in the air for a long time, it will allow the dust to get into the sensors. Do not allow the dust to contaminate the mirror to affect the effects, and you can use the clean cloth to clean it.

What will happen when there is no power for radio detectors? You can use the remote controller; it will give you a voice prompt. When the voltage falls below a certain value, the relevant signal will reach the host and it will stop its working.

When the radio detectors are unavailable for alarming, how can you test the reason? You can take walking test way to stimulate the detectors; the flashing of the devices will tell you the problems. No light means you should change the battery. Lighting means they are good for you.

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