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High Power Wifi Blocker on sale

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High Power Wifi Blocker on sale

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Posted on 14th Jul 2011 @ 10:30 AM

The development of scientific technology has made us in a wireless world. Especially with the application of wifi, the connection between the cell phone and PC are made possible. Admittedly the speed of GPS is far from satisfactory, when we want to listen the latest music, chat with our friends on the MSN, when we want to log in our favorite website, it takes half a quarter to get it finished, virtually it can be done within seconds with the help of wifi. Though unstable sometimes, wifi is the first choice in the information age. On the one hand, we are satisfied with the high speed it brought in, on the other hand, we have to face the fact that our personal data and top secret are in accordance exposed at a fast pace. The after-market of the wifi technology has made the high power wifi blocker an ideal tool to fight against the inconvenience caused by it.

Mini Portable Double Frequency GPS Jammer With Built-in Antenna + Light Brown

The high power wifi blocker is an electronic device that makes the transmission and reception of signals via the wifi system impossible, thus blocking the devices that interrupt the normal order of the daily life. With the various antenna options, the high power wifi blocker is flexible in providing the jamming coverage. What's more, the high power jammer support both the UPS and the battery, and a AC charger available to back up in case of the main power failure. The blocking radius is up to 30 meters. Additionally, it is designed both user and environment friendly with low power consumption and do no harm to human body.

The high power wifi jammer can protect the phone conversation from eavesdropping and secret sending. The usefulness of high power wifi jammer is in effect very high. In the small sites, it can helps you to emit the unwanted noise caused by the rock-and-roll ringtones and you do not have to suffer the dumb conversation and the busy texting in your office. You can take everything under control with a high-power wifi jammer. It is also functional in the large areas. It is ideal for use in prisons/ penal institutions as well as military applications. The hospitals can also use it to avoid the unnecessary trouble caused by the wifi signal. Petrol station can make clear of the chances of fire and explosion accident caused by the wifi signals.

With the high power wifi jammer at hand, you can enjoy your time without being tracked. It is useful in jamming all the calls in the blocking range, creating an perfect quiet environment for you. If you'd like to know more about the product and other cell phone jammers, you are welcome to visit our website at http://www.jammerall.com. The best product and the best service are waiting for you.