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Better Life with a 5 Antenna Jammer

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Better Life with a 5 Antenna Jammer

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Posted on 8th Dec 2011 @ 9:49 AM

High performances, low price, Jammers here meet all your needs. Specializing in the manufacturing of jammer products, www.jammerall.com highly recommends 5 antenna jammers here for your better life.

5 Antenna Cell Phone Jammer with Remote Control (3G, GSM, CDMA, DCS)

Living in the era of high information, we as human beings benefit with the convenience everywhere, especially in terms of communication. With the invention of cell phones and computers, we can get in touch with anybody in anywhere anytime as you need. Besides, as the fast growth of auto industry, almost everyone can be affordable to a quite good vehicle which can take you anywhere you want. At the same time, we also have to face the truth that we are exposed to the public every time every corner. A phone call forces us to chat with the caller at the other end about our present situation, how is your daily life? How about your work? Or do you have any plan for your nearby future? However, if we are lucky, sometimes we will meet with a secret camera which helps to record every word we say. Calling for a powerful device to rescue us from the situation? We need to say "No" to any phone noises and hidden recorders. Then the 5 antenna jammer will be the ideal weapon for you.

A cell phone jammer no matter it is 5 antennas or 6 antennas are specially designed to fight against the unnecessary signals. By using the same frequency the cell phone uses, the 5 antenna jammer is efficient in blocking the transmissions and reception of signals from base station, thus making the normal call between the caller and receiver impossible. Most of cell phone signal jammers have built-in antenna which makes the blocking range flexible to meet different needs of customers in different countries all over the world. What's more, even a 5 antenna jammer has different types, such as the portable 5 antenna jammer can cover a range of 20-40 meters, some 5 Antenna Cell Phone jammers are effective blocking the signals of 3G, GSM, CDMA, DCS and PHS. Also some signal jammer with 5 Antenna is a powerful and portable solution for completely blocking nearby cell phones, Wi-Fi, and GPS signals. So many functions and so many designs for your enough choice start from here.

As the fast development of science and technology, the 5 antenna cell phone blockers are widely used in some public places, including the auditorium, the hospital, the theatre, the church, the concerts and meeting rooms, etc. With the installation of mobile phone blocker, the public can enjoy the quietness without forcing others to turn off his or her phone. In a word, where there needs silence, there will be this kind of cell phone jammer. Even some people use it as personal enjoyment during their home life. On hand, it protect us from those noisy phone calls, on another hand, we can live a more harmony life after office time.

Life is better with such 5 antenna jammer! To protect your private conversation and live in a more comfortable life, here varieties of cell phone jammer kits are waiting for you. If it is appealing to you, welcome to the site www.jammerall.com .