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The Legality of Cell Phone Jammer

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The Legality of Cell Phone Jammer

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Posted on 14th Jul 2011 @ 10:35 AM

Cell phone jammer is a device that blocks the transmission and reception of signals between the cell phone and base station by emitting signals in the same frequency the cell phone uses and creating strong interference. The cell phone jammer has been applied in the examination rooms to avoid students cheating. At the same time, hospitals, gas stations and theatres are also the big purchaser of the device, in respect of security, privacy and silence. Legality of Cell Phone Jammer

As Cell phone jammer is very efficient in blocking the phone networks, including the CDMA, UMTS, GSM, PHS and 3G. what's more, the price and appearance is also very appealing. The normal one is just the shape of a cigarette box, and with $ 200, the cell phone jammer would create a dead zone in a range of 20-40 meters. Given the above analysis, the emergence of cell phone jammer in the market has been well received among the citizens and public administers that suffer from the pollution of the cell phone. However, the usage of cell phone jammer has been controversial in terms of legality.

The legal authorities argue that the cell phone jammer will block all the signals within its coverage range, so that the emergency call cannot dialed out and leads to the potential danger. Also it will affect the profits of the clients who has paid to use the spectrum, thus jamming the signals is a kind of property theft. In addition, surveys show that the radiation from the cell phone jammer is far greater than the normal standard that human body can stand. Even worse, some opportunists may make the most of the device to get fortune. As it is reported in the latest news in New York Times, the restaurant boss blocks all the signal within the dining hall so that the consumers have to resort to the telephone at the reception.

Generally speaking, different countries have different standards about the legality of cell phone jammer. In America, the FCC, the government agency in charge of the airwaves, has established severe punishment for blocking signals, with the penalty of $ 11,000 and one-year jail for the lawbreakers. However, other countries do not have the strict rules on its usage. France, for instance, turns a blind eye to the blocking signals in the theater. Russia would permit the use of the device in the daily life. China is lax in the enforcement of its restrictions.

In this climate, there are two options left to the public. Firstly, to people opposed cell phone jammers, it is worthwhile to make an investment on the promotion of cell phone etiquette. In doing so, fewer and fewer people can become the victim of the discourteous usage of cell phone. Thus the usage of cell phone jammer is rendered unnecessary. Secondly, the cell phone jammers are preferred to be sold exclusively, in that case, the legal access of blocking signals can be guaranteed.

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