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Pocket Wireless Mini Cell Phone Jammer

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Pocket Wireless Mini Cell Phone Jammer

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Posted on 20th Dec 2011 @ 9:52 AM

Super high power wireless mini cell phone jammer blocks all receiving and transmitting mobile phone signals. Smallest and sophisticated for cell phone blockers, mini jammers are on sale in www.jammerall.com . Free shipping and 1 year warranty, it is yours!

Phone No More - Mini Wireless Cellphone Signal Jammer (GSM, 3G, DCS, CDMA)

Wireless mini cell phone jammer is the simplest and sophisticated that prevents cell phones from transmitting or receiving any phone signals when it is necessary. In a word, it is the enemy of cell phone noises. It is mainly used in places where silence is very important like churches, hospitals, libraries, schools, meeting rooms, etc. Many people don't exactly know what is the jammer device, how to use it and why to apply into it? Come to www.jammerall.com , more details you will find here.

In our daily life, not every day goes on as you like. There are always some troubles happening here and there. Sometimes we feel lonely and disappointed, we have no idea about what we should do next time and where we need to go and how to realize those dreams we haven't reached the door. Always a time we wish to get out of the bustles and hustles of the world, but the truth is always we face with different kinds of dins in our everyday life, such as the clicking sounds of computers, horns of various vehicles and different kinds of croaks, etc, among which the cell phone noises are the most ubiquitous and powerful one. You know each people now have been equipped with a mobile phone for more convenient communication. You can see two wives together talking their house trifles without stopping in the sacred church. Or a youth calling his love call to his recent girlfriend in the theatre, sweet words and cheating games make you crazy and of course the eager to appreciate the wonderful operas has gone immediately. If you still don't know what exactly the device is, then you must be familiar with the blocking machine used during the examination time to avoid the cheating affairs of those bad guys. Turn on the button of the cell phone, this signals of cell phones will disappear immediately, students will have no way to do cheating through cell phone messages or even calls. Stop here you may be familiar with such machine now.

According to the jamming range of cell phone jammer, it can be divided into two main kinds, one is powerful one with large blocking area, another one is portable one or mini cell phone jammer, also most of them are wireless one, can be taken with you anywhere you want. Then how this phone jammer works, the simplicity of its working principle is stunning. The communication function is realized by radio waves. So does the jamming device. It makes the phone call useless by using the same frequency with cell phones to interfere the transmission of signals between the tower and the phone you need to keep calm. But you don't need to worry about the problem that the blocker will do any negative effects on other electronic instruments. You can use them as usual such as MP3, MP4, etc.

About the legality problem, some countries don't allow the usage of jammer, only some governmental institutions or military departments have the right to get one. Fortunately, online stores make you available to different sizes of jammer products now, if you really need one to protect your private life and get back your peaceful time, come to Jammerall to click on the design you like. Welcome!