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Cigarette Cell Jammer for Businessman

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Cigarette Cell Jammer for Businessman

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Posted on 15th Jul 2011 @ 11:45 AM

A common saying goes, business is as fierce as war. Someone succeeds in the battlefield, someone loses. However, even the most careful businessman may fail in front of the wide use of cell phones. The advantages of the popularity of cell phones are self-evident. It makes the communication possible at any time in any place. The application of the wireless connectivity in cell phones makes the information spread at an increasingly fast speed. It only takes several seconds to make your vital decision upon the corporate reconstruction known to the public. But the cell phones also make the businessman trouble a lot. When the staff are busying blabbering over the phone and texting messages, when the private phone conversation is let out, when the contract with a business partner cancels, because of a phone consultation. Then a cigarette cell jammer is a perfect tool to maintain your entrepreneurial image in the business world.

High Power Portable GPS and Mobile Phone Jammer(CDMA GSM DCS PCS )

Like all other cell phone jammers, the cigarette cell jammer is efficient in blocking the transmission of signals from the CDMA, GSM, PHS, UMMTS, and 3G phone networks. The cigarette cell jammer wins the favor among the businessman, for it looks appealing and professional, with the shape of a cigarette pack, it is easy to carry on and can be hidden in an obscure way. The cigarette cell jammer covers an range of 5 to 30 meters. With a antenna built in, the range of the blocking area can be attuned according to the specific need of the conditions. Also the built-in battery enables the cigarette cell jammer to last for 3 to 5 hours, and it can be recharged in 30 minutes. It is also important to note that the radiation from the cigarette jammer exert no influence upon the human body. Thus it is user friendly.

Tired of the repeated warning "no use of cell phone in the working time", you can use the cigarette cell jammer to assist your work. With the cigarette cell phone jammer at the fingertip, you can be guaranteed that any unwanted pictures is impossible to be exposed to the public, and you can conduct the internal meeting, which is of vital importance, with a peaceful mind. The cigarette cell jammer allows you to defeat the eavesdropping devices and the spy cameras built in the cell phone, and make sure that you are not being recorded or watched.

The successful businessman are great in their efficiency and wise choice. If you want to make your business easier and safer, effective and excellent, the cigarette cell jammer offers a possible mode of life. Visit our website at http://www.jammerall.com/ and find the right cigarette cell jammer to help you. For more information about other cell phone jammers, you can contact us at your convenience.