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Block GSM CDMA DCS PHS PCS 3G 4G with a Jammer

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Block GSM CDMA DCS PHS PCS 3G 4G with a Jammer

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Posted on 22nd Dec 2011 @ 9:51 AM

Come to www.jammerall.com and buy a jammer device to disable the transmission and receiving of GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/PCS/3G/4G cell phone signals as you need, you can!

Remote Control Cell Phone Jammer

Since our birth into the world, we began to learn something, something new, something old, something easy and something difficult. At the very first, we study everything from our parents in the family and play with other friends and learn something by ourselves. Finally most of us will get back to the fairyland of study, we call it school. At school, we get to know what the Law of Universal Gravitation is and who is Newton. We learn to calculate, write, read and create in this school yard; everyone will never forget their valuable time during their studying journey.

However, in this sacred place, there are also some unpleasant moments to leave. Especially in the era mobile phones has run out of control, almost every student has been equipped with a cellular phone, you know they need to contact with their parents, friends or make necessary calls when it is in emergency, different phone systems will offer us different frequency signals. With one such phone, we've not just stayed on its basic function to make phone calls, send messages, play games or other entertainment programs. We use it to book tickets, buy something and surf the internet. Really it brought us lots of conveniences, but still some naughty students use it in appropriate time. Usually they make secret phone calls, send messages or play games during classes which directly influence teachers' lessons going and students' study. Thus, it will deduce the healthy growth of students' body and mind. You know excessive using of cell phones will do harmful their eyes and shoulder joint, etc. Facing with the no stopping dins of cell phones, some experts have suggested the legal use of cell phone jammers for teachers in school time.

Cell phone jammer is specially designed for disabling the normal transmission of signals between mobile phone and the nearby base station. It is a so powerful device that can cut off all kinds of cell phone signals, such as GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/PCS/3G/4G, etc. The most advanced such gadget is the 4G cell phone signal blocker. So once turn on the button of one jammer during classes, you as a good teacher will have no worry about call rings and perform excellently from the start to the end. Not only school, many other occasions have put the phone blocker into the necessity's consideration, such as the hospital, theater, church, meeting room, gas station, governmental institutions, intelligence bureau or other places needed security.

How to choose a good and suitable jammer may be difficult for you, you don't get familiar with it so much. Actually, it is quite easy to pick out, before buying, check out your local frequency, and then find a suitable one from www.jammerall.com . About its operation and installation, you can find more details from the manual.

Do you want to get back your peaceful time and protect your private life? Waiting for what? Here you go! More order, more surprises. You can be the hero in calling life.