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Portable Phone Jammer with 15m Shielding Range

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Portable Phone Jammer with 15m Shielding Range

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Posted on 30th Dec 2011 @ 9:50 AM

It is here! Highly portable, palm size, easy to carry phone jammer with 15m shielding range comes from www.jammerall.com .

Portable Cell Phone & GPSL1 Jammer -15m Shielding Range

The device once you turn it on, all phones around it will naturally fail to send or receive any signals which are transmitted by the base station. What exactly the magical weapon is, following will offer you a detailed explanation from www.jammerall.com.

Firstly, let's come to the jammer definition and know what it is made up of. According to some technical terms said by some relevant experts, the mobile phone jammer, no matter the portable phone jammer with 15m shielding range or powerful cell phone jammer with 100m range can simply be defined as a device which can effectively block the normal transmission of signals between the phone and the signal tower. Since its first birth, has been given a simple but strong structure: main body, adaptor, antenna, green or red light and different colors or ranges choices. The main body here is like the heart or you can say the brain to one people, which determines the final destiny of this gadget. All the high technology is gathered here. Antennas represent the different blocking frequency. You see different countries or different areas in a country will have different frequencies for sending the phone signals, so usually the four or more antennas can be adjusted to meet different local needs. Green or red light indicates if it is on charge or in work.

Secondly, where this jammer product is used, why need such kit to stop the phone using. Look at here! Maybe you can't believe that this jammer product has been widely used during our daily life. From its very beginning military usages to nowadays personal uses, you can see the portable and powerful jammer has been improved in its technique. It has been widely used in the church, theatre, meeting room, examination room, and hospital or anywhere the silence is needed. Then why this device is so popular? Have you ever thought about the problem often happened around you? You will find that with the broken of cell phone etiquette, more and more people are troubled with the continuous unnecessary phone calls no matter where they are going to. In order to reduce the seriousness of this problem, the mobile phone's personal use has been welcomed here. That is the main reason for its legal use for our daily life.

Thirdly, let's talk about its legal problem. In some places of some countries, using a cell phone jammer is illegal to people's security, so it is banned for using it and hard to get one from real stores. While online stores will make it easy for you to buy one, just open your computer then click on the mouse and move to a super jammer store, you will get the right to try the magical power of such device.

There is one kind of emotion is called peace. Where can you find? Come to www.jammerall.com and buy a portable phone jammer for shielding your 15m blocking range.