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Advanced Mobile Phone Jammer

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Advanced Mobile Phone Jammer

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Posted on 10th Jan 2012 @ 10:41 AM

With the birth of the mobile phone, it brings great convenience to us human being; however, it also raises new challenge on the security of confidential work. Maybe it's one of the reasons that boosted the appearance of mobile phone jammer.

High Power 3G Cell phone signal jammer with Remote control

As we all known, although it's more convenient for us to communicate with the mobile phone, it also raises new challenge on the security of confidential work. In the recent years, the wiretap, cheating in examination, medical negligence and gas station explosion caused by mobile phones were never stopped and it has aroused great attention of the society. Maybe it's one of the reasons that contributed to the appearance of phone jammer. Someday, you may be watching a nice movie or enjoying your nap when you are free. You still have opportunities of being disturbed by your most loved ones or close friends chatting near you on the cell phone. At such awkward moments, indeed, if you care for your free time so much, then you need to buy a cell phone jammer.


The advance mobile phone jammer device will allow you block the frequencies of your personal provider of mobile services and communications. No matter where you will go,  and you need not have to change your mobile phone to prevent possible mobile phone rings and your calling person will receive a piece of automatic voice message sent by their private service provider of communications that the signal receiver is out of its coverage areas now.

The device is very helpful when you are carefully driving at noon on the highway, thus you may be concentrated on your driving to prevent any possible accident while talking on the mobile phone. In additional, when you are having some business meetings, you can apply this device so that no single person could disturb you. The device is quite helpful in your house when you are asleep or when you having a bath or visiting toilet just because under these circumstances, you simply couldn’t use your mobile phone. Actually, lots of people become annoyed if the immediate phone call is held in those moments. As to its legality, actually some western countries banned the use of this device in laws, like the USA, Canada, Australia and so on. While other countries allow the public own the device but forbid the using. Historically speaking, the kit originally is used in the military to prevent the leak out of confidential military secrets and anti-explosive. However, nowadays, the gadget is widely used in certain institutes in some countries. For example, in the schools and campus, the device is installed in the classrooms to prevent students and teachers using mobile phones at will, which will have a bad influence on the quality of teaching and learning. In China, every examination-rooms will installed such a device to prevent students cheating in the examination with the mobile phone when the high school students take part in the College Entrance Examinations. In the hospitals, the kit is used to keep a quiet environment for patients and doctors, as well as maintain the normal work of some machines.

Maybe lots of people are troubled by the noisy mobile phone calls. So stop grumbling and move on, come to www.jammerall.com. Choose a suitable and excellent mobile phone jammer to give back a silent world for you so that you could enjoy yourself when you are free.