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Use the Cell Phone Jammer or Not

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Use the Cell Phone Jammer or Not

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Posted on 15th Jul 2011 @ 11:57 AM

When Johanna was going to sit for the college entrance examination, she was confused whether to take her phone or not. If she brought it to the examination room, she may succeed in searching for the right answers, of course, there was a chance that she may be caught cheating in the examination. But if she was being honest by not taking the phone with her, she may lose her edge, when others transmit the messages about the answers to the examination. The wide use of cell phone has put Johanna at a dilemma. The application of cell phone jammers may sort her as well as other students out of the situation. Another problem occurs, the civilian use of cell phone jammers has been controversial in the legal field.

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Cell phone jammers are devices that can send the signal at the same frequency the cell phone system operates, interrupting the transmission of signals between the receiver and the caller. The cell phones are thus disabled in the area where the cell phone jammers are located. However, the cell phone jammers block not only the phone system that interrupts the user's life, it can also disrupt other unrelated systems. Thus it arouses great rage in public.

In legal terms, the interruption in the transmission of cell phone signals does harm the benefits of the phone users who has paid to use the spectrum. They have to spend more efforts and more money for the maintenance of the phone system. Thus in a way, the usage of the cell phone jammers are sort of property theft. When the cell phone jammers users take their right into consideration, they may cause damage to the innocent ones who need to make an urgent call. Terrorists may use cell phone jammers to prevent the police from detecting their whereabouts by the police officers.

However, there are some places in need of the cell phone jammers desperately. The oil station cannot prohibit the consumers from using cell phones, which may be the root of fire or explosion accident. The principle of fairness and justice has forced the administers to resort to cell phone jammers in the examination rooms, otherwise, students like Johanna may suffer from the mean usage of cell phone. The hospitals are also haunted with the depression in the usage of the cell phone. The radiation from cell phone can cause the interruption to the normal function of the equipment in the hospital and thus leads to the mistake in diagnosis. Cell phone jammers help the doctors clear of the trouble and exerts no influence upon other instruments.

Seemingly, The legality of cell phone jammers can be only guaranteed if the government could grant the exclusive right to the producer, so that the cell phone jammers can be utilized in a right way.

Not every country forbids the usage of cell phone jammers. If you would like to know more information of legality in your country, you can contact us at our website http://www.jammerall.com/.