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Wonderful Portable Wireless Jammer

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Wonderful Portable Wireless Jammer

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Posted on 14th Jan 2012 @ 9:53 AM

Are you troubled the noisy cell phone calls? Are you disgusted with the cell phone rings that one falls and the other rises in the meeting room? Then here is your savior – wireless jammer.

5 Band Portable Wifi Wireless Video Cell Phone Jammer

Like others jammer products, wireless jammer, namely, wireless video jammer, which is mainly used to block the frequency of a camera recorder or a transceiver, or some device like that to ensure the safety of your life. Its general jamming coverage can be up to about 20 meters in radius. Most businessmen will buy such jammer devices to avoid the troubles of worrying about being recorded so that their confidential documents will not be leaked out to the public. Its operation principles are the same as other jammer products, just turn on the button of the gadget, then any spy device within its working range will fail to record your actions, and you can do as you want.

The device mainly has two functions: one is to interfere with wireless local networks, a type of denial of service (DoS) attack. Advanced and expensive versions are used to block the signals of satellite communications. The device can be used temporarily to stop transmission, temporarily turn off or short out the power during the usage, including radios, televisions, microwaves, or any unit that receives electrical signals for operation. And the other is to strengthen the security of wireless LANs by blocking the wireless signals in a limited area. As for its legality, nowadays, many governments like Europe, the USA, it’s legal to prohibit the use of jammers. However, applying of jammers can be considered as an action of invasion of privacy. But there is no legal frame to stop the production of this kind of equipment.

Of course, some people may worry about its negative influence, its radiation or bad effects on other electronics. Please kindly note that any jammer product including the wireless jammer, whose radiation is up to the national standard, you don't need to worry about the harmful effects on your health. Besides, the use of wireless jammer will not influence the normal work of other electronic instruments. Some customers grumble that it is difficult to find this kind of device in the real stores. So don’t spare no effort to hunt for the gadget in the high street and back lanes. Here recommend you a good place: www.jammarall.com, where will give you enough rights to choose and purchase such a jammer, no matter where you are, order a jammer now, we will deliver it tomorrow. What you need to do is checking out the frequency of your local area and choosing the right working model, and then everything is ok.

A wireless jammer is a kind of weapon that can be looked as your security safeguard, as an individual of modern society; you need such a device to protect yourself. So, check out on our website: www.jammerall.com, and you’ll be surprised by our professional and comprehensive wholesale jammer devices.