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Which One to Choose, Cell Phone or Cell Phone Jammer?

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Which One to Choose, Cell Phone or Cell Phone Jammer?

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Posted on 24th Jan 2012 @ 1:31 PM

Nowadays, the cell phone becomes more and more popular. Thought its powerful functions benefits us a lot, however, the rampant use of it terribly troubles us, too.

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So, which one will you choose between the cell phone and the cell phone jammer?
With the rapid development of technology, the cell phone becomes more and more popular. Almost everyone has a cell phone in hands; it’s a common occurrence in the big urban, even the old people can use it easily. You may be amazed at the speed of its popularity and its increasingly powerful functions. To be honest, the gadget benefits us a lot. With the help of it, we could contact with the others by cell phone calls, or short messages; could listen to the music even watch the videos through its multimedia functions; could surf the internet freely; could take photos, some cell phones with high pixel even can be used as a camera. For many times, no matter how emergent it is, as long as you dial several strings of numbers, the trouble may be solved easily. From this perspective, you may choose the cell phone, instead of the cell phone jammer.
However, just as the proverb goes: Each coin has two sides. With the rampant use of cell phone, you can hear the endless ringtones here and there. More and more people discard the phone etiquette; they make or answer the cell phone calls at their will, regardless of the occasion, regardless of the feeling of other people. Sometimes, the troublesome ringtones even drive you crazy. For instance, as a boss, you are directing your staff to discuss a project whole-heartedly and in high spirits, while yours or your staff’s cell phone is ringing, which disrupt all your ideas and enthusiasm, or you’re enjoy the romantic lover’s world with your lover, while your cell ping is ringing and the screen show: boss. Is the so-called “Nothing is impossible”, have you ever meet such a maddening scene: you’re on the bus, while a strange man who sits right before you is dialing on his phone, with the speakerphone switching on. There comes the troublesome ringtones continuously. After several minutes, still no one answer his calls. He just keeps the phone in the state of dialing all the time, until someone answers it. Then he continues to dial another number, repeating the action before. How stubborn he is! At these moment referred above, a cell phone jammer is really practical. The gadget is designed to block the transmitting and receiving of cell phone signals between the receiver and its nearby base station. There are many kinds of cell phone jammers, as for above cases, a portable cell phone jammer is much more practical. As long as you turn the button on subtly, the cell phone signals go out. Actually, you don’t need to switch it on all the time, just turn it on if need. For example, you are on the bus, the traffic is busy but the driver is making the cell phone calls all the time. Or you want to go out and travel with your families and don’t expect to be disturbed by your “kind” boss or leader. Then, a cell phone jammer is a decent choice.
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