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Machine to Block Cell Phones in Schools

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Machine to Block Cell Phones in Schools

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Posted on 15th Jul 2011 @ 12:01 PM

Walking on the street, you will see everybody is busy with their cell phone. The world becomes smaller and smaller, for cell phones have rendered life easier and simple in respect of communication. . You don't have to stay at home for the important call, wherever you are, somebody can get in touch with you. With the advancement of cell phone, it is equipped with more and more functions, such as MP3, camera, digital voice recorder, the Bluetooth, the wireless connectivity. While enjoying the convenience it brings, some problems it brings cannot be ignored.

For the students, it is not uncommon to play games on the cell phone for several hours. On the one hand, it do harm to the eyesight of the students with such a small screen, on the other hand, the long time consumed on the cell phones occupies the time they ought to spend on their study . For teachers, the frequent rock and roll ringtones interrupt the normal teaching procedures. Besides, the cheating in the examination via cell phone remains a problem despite repeated orders to ban it. The abuse of cell phone is extremely outstanding in schools. Thus there is great demand for the machine to block cell phones in schools.

The machine to block the cell phones are designed in opposition to the working principles of the cell phones. As it is known to all, the cell phone works by receiving the signals from the base station. By adopting the same frequency the cell phone uses, the machine to block cell phones interrupts the communication between the cell phone and the base station, and thus disables the function of the cell phone. The machine to block cell phones is available to jam the phone networks like UMTS, CDMA,GSM,PHS and 3G networks.

Next time, with a machine to block the cell phone installed in the school, the teachers can give the lecture with a peaceful mind, without the noise pollution generated by the cell phones. During the examination time, the school need not consume the manpower as well as the unnecessary material recourses so as to stop students from cheating via cell phones. The students can thus put more efforts and energy to their study, instead of wasting time on the little tricks and fooling around from day to day, they can be transformed into better citizens, better husbands, and better lawyers.

The machine to block cell phones is the ideal tool for schools, which requires a quiet and peaceful environment. The machine to block cell phones are also applicable to other places and situations. If you take interest in the information about the machine to block cell phones, you are welcome to visit our website at http://www.jammerall.com/. All the enquiry and purchase are appreciated.