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The Best Smallest Portable Phone Jammer

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The Best Smallest Portable Phone Jammer

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Posted on 16th Jul 2011 @ 10:56 AM

These days, you will find there are various kinds of fantastic jammers for blocking the signals of cell phones. Yet when facing a superb collection of those stunning designed devices, you might feel confused about which one is the most suitable one. Here I’d like to recommend a best and smallest portable cell phone jammer from jammerall site. Yes, it is the Mini Portable Cell phone & GPS Jammer in Silvery Color.

Mini Portable Cell phone & GPS Jammer + Silvery

Why would I regard this as the best portable phone jammer? I will explain in the following points.

The Cost
Nowadays, it is possible to look for a good deal in almost all the things you acquire and buying a cell phone jammer is no exception. Once you've fixed your price bracket which you are happy to spend on a jammer gadget, it is possible to begin looking at what's out there in the shops or online. You can certainly find it quite simple and straight forward to find a range of products that you have set for yourself. However, this certain kind may be called the most cost-effective one. It takes you only 56.63 US dollars to get one. Moreover, the jammerall shop provides free shipping even for such low tab price.

The Features
This mini portable cell phone is extremely portable and handy; the weight of the machine itself is only 68g. With this humanized design, you can easily hold it in your hands or put into your pocket without any notice. Moreover, the certain kind is really energy-saving; it can work for about 2hours by batteries. In today's society which attach great importance to the sustainable development, the environment-friendly products could have been the most popular and rational choice for you.

The Extra Function
The cell phone jammer can not only block signals of cell phone frequencies of CDMA: 869-894MHZ , GSM : 925-960MHZ, DCS : 1805-1880MHZ, PHS : 1900-1980MHZ and GPS : 1500-1600MHZ, but also block the signal of a GPS device. Thus, this tiny gadget can be used in a wide range indeed. Besides this, the jamming radius of this jammer can reach as far as 10 meters which can cover your daily use without any doubt.

From the above aspects, we can easily come to the conclusion that when choosing a cell phone jammer, the most important parts that should be taken seriously must including the cost, the feature or say the functionality and the added extras. This Mini Portable Cell phone with GPS Jammer in Silvery color I introduced above is surely an excellent model in those aspects and would also be a leader in the portable devices line.  Therefore, just get yourself one and you'll never regret for what you do here.