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High Power 5 Band WIFI Signal Jammer with Remote Control

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High Power 5 Band WIFI Signal Jammer with Remote Control

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Posted on 29th Feb 2012 @ 9:55 AM

Special gift for your special days, this high power 5 band WIFI signal jammer with remote control will make what you think come true, want to know more? Welcome to www.jammerall.com .

5 Band Cellphone GPS signal Jammer with Remote Control

In this busy society, everything is keeping its trend of rising, just like the WIFI jammer. The fact is that there is a growing trend of establishing wifi system all over the world. You know the coverage range of the wifi signals tower even becomes a symbol of a modern city. It is really a great invention for the people who are obsessed with advanced scientific technology and like changes everyday. Their smart phones and tablet computers can be sure to come in handy anywhere anytime. However, the problem is that the wifi system adopts the working frequency at 2.4 GHZ, which is also used by other signal systems, for example the metro signal control system and the medical equipment and so on. Even some groups of guys take use of the high technology to achieve some evil purposes.  Since the trend of the establishment of the wifi system is becoming more and more popular, the high power 5 band WIFI Signal Jammer can help the users succeed in jamming the transmission of signals from the wifi system. Talking about WIFI blocker, we should come into the professional world of www.jammerall.com , let us to have the lesson about what is a real high power wifi signal jammer and how does it work or where it is widely used.

The high power 5 band WIFI Signal Jammer is designed to cut off the wireless LAN networks in a radius of 20 meters. It achieves the jamming purpose by transmitting white noise signal in WIFI frequencies, and cut off all wireless networks. Even the Bluetooth communication will be cut off when the high power wifi signal blocking device is put into use. The high power wifi blocker is equipped with the rechargeable battery and the antennas, which can be attuned for the specific conditions, helps the users to obtain the perfect blocking performance. Once you need it, just turn on the button and realize the ideal situation you need this one to help you.


You can carry the high power blocker jammer easily. Besides, the high power blocker jammer is completely safe to use, and do no harm to human body. What's more, the high power wifi blocker is operated by a remote control system so that the unit operation is only possible with the authorized personnel and operator can use the remote control to activate the blocking range in a flexible way. Thus the high power wifi jammer is great in helping prevent an authorized person from leaking out the confidential information. The high power 5 band WIFI Signal Jammer allows you to jam all the unwanted surveillance devices as you want. By this way, you keep your secrets without losing anything you thinks it is important. You do not have to worry that your private conversation will be exposed to the ears of your subordinates. The boss can conduct the meetings with a peaceful mind, the legal proceedings can be avoided to be recorded, and other important activities can perform in a satisfactory way. The government does not have to waste money and efforts for the regulation of the wifi system upon the interruption of other wireless systems. The metro stations do not have to worry the wifi signal interrupting the normal working of the subway line. The hospitals do not have to implore anyone to turn off the cell phone and the tablet. You will see the great power for taking you by this gadget of WIFI signal blocker.  

Save you from the wifi net. The high power WIFI blocker makes you satisfied. More information about other jammers can be found at the website www.jammerall.com . The best product, the best services are waiting for you.