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A fake murder caused by an adjustable Wi-Fi GPS jammer

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A fake murder caused by an adjustable Wi-Fi GPS jammer

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Posted on 6th Mar 2012 @ 9:57 AM

For the adjustable WIFI GPS jammer, you must be unfamiliar with it. So many movies and films, we can see it stronger function. I think nobody wants to be tracking on others' monitor. When you lived the monitor of others, how terrible thing is it! I nearly feel smothery in such a situation.

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If a ruffian puts a tracker into your car, can you perceive it at once? No matter any reasons, if someone monitors your behaviors, are you feel horrible? If someone tracks you and filches your private information or other information, are you willing to? About those question, I think all answers is NO. We don't want to be tracking; we want to keep our privacy. For an adjustable WIFI GPS jammer, you must be unfamiliar with it, sometime it called be a blocker.

There is a piece of news I read it in a website. There is a couple. The wife is a greedy woman, she has a lover and she wants to gain her husband's property. So she lays aside a tracker to the car of her husband. And then he can know where he is; what does he says and the trade secrets of him. It seems that she can control everything of her husband.

One day, she knows her husband will go to a remote mountain to see an old man. She wants to murder her husband on the helper of her lover. Her plan is when her husband to the remote mountain, they're following him to there. And her lover pretends to be a robber and robs all things of her husband. Finally, push him down the mountain. Thus the police must be judge that her husband is murdered by a furious robber. This plan seems perfect; it's obvious that she can make it without any accidents.

However, the weird thing is happened. That day, she can't follow her husband's position. There is no any trace of her husband. She is puzzled that what is happened. When her husband comes back, he told her he knows everything. And he decides to call the police and indict them. She still puzzled why does the tracker useless? So that is, her husband checks his car and finds out the tracker. He knows it must be an acquaintance do. He sends a detective to inspect his wife and knows the truth. And he installs a GPS jammer in his car, so that the wife couldn't receive the signal. At last, they're divorce and the two was sent to the police.

So as I say, there is a tracker, there is a jammer. Adjustable WIFI GPS jammer is a useful device in people's life. If you want to know more detailed information, please click the website www.jammerall.com.