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Multi function phone jammers are necessary for gas stations

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Multi function phone jammers are necessary for gas stations

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Posted on 16th Mar 2012 @ 10:17 AM

In our life, we always want to ensure that we are safety. Even we are not in the stable parts of the worlds, we still have those problems. We are worried about terrorist incidents, exploding and other accidents. People lived in a world with fear. So they think out many ideas to prevent any accidents, in this article we can see the example of multi function phone jammers.

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Nowadays, what is the important thing for people? As far as I know it is safety. Everyone wants to protect themselves or possessions from health or economical losses. Many people lived in a life with fear; they fear any accidents and want to a safe life. And once in a gas station a cell phone user caused an accident by the cell phone. Therefore, it is necessary to install multi-function phone jammers in gas stations.

As we know that forbid the cell phone to be called in the gas station. There is an accidents happened in a town of China. A driver stopped the car at the petrol station to refuel, at the time the driver had a phone call and he got the call. After a while when he drives out of the gas station, his car begins to burning. And then people called the police. According to the news of firefighter, arrived the place they heard a loud exploding. When they got off, they heard a “bang” again. After the car body of cooling, an explosion heard by them once again.

When the reporter arrived on the scene, the whole car had been swallowed by the flames. Sometimes the crackling voice, glasses, plastic pieces fly out from the car. Because of diesel truck, the black smoke dispersed to the circum. It is very dangerous and the firefighter is cooling to the car with two water guns. Then they are cooling to all things of this car.

After burning of half an hour, the car almost has already been wreckage. With smoke boasts, the body of car has burned and rolled up. The glasses are fried to pieces and the steering wheels, chairs are fragmented in the side. According to the driver he said at that time, he is calling and ready to driving out to the gas station. Suddenly, he discovers that the line under the steering wheel is blazing and he is parking to take fire extinguisher but cannot put out. So he jumped off and asked for help.

Finally, according to the research, the cell phone launched the radio wave and it can accept the radio antenna and engender induced current. Under normal working, there is nothing problems. But in some special situations and special areas, the cell phone will engender induced current and it is easy to explode. For their own safety, people should not get phone call in the gas stations. And multi function phone jammers are necessary for gas stations, more information you can browse the website www.jammerall.com.