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The uses of high power 3G cell phone jammer with remote control

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The uses of high power 3G cell phone jammer with remote control

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Posted on 19th Mar 2012 @ 9:59 AM

As everyone knows, the mobile phone is extensively used in life of people. It brings many conveniences for people. However, in other aspects it brings many troubles for people. A new technology success will bring out another anti-technology. Same principle in the mobile phone area, so that the high power 3G cell phone jammer with remote control produces by people.

Cell Phone Jammer with Remote Control (CDMA,GSM,DCS and 3G)

The long awaited high power 3G cell phone signal jammer with remote control is published on the market. In order to avoid cheating in exam or other uses, www.jammerall.com brings out this device which blocks all mobile phone signals such as GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, 3G signals. The blocker only interference down line signal, not affect the mobile operators uplink signal. Humanization and reasonable design fit for different occasions.

Recently, there are many reports which criticize the phone blocker as a "phone killer". Especially, many people are worry about that they could not use phones in emergency. Actually, the blockers are usually used in schools, examination halls, government institutions and other confidential places sometimes. And the user can choose different cellular signal frequency to shielding. It could not interference the phone uses of citizens in normal circumstance. The jamming radius is 50 meters. There is any effect out of this range.

Generally speaking, a new technology application and achieve success, it will bring out a new anti-technology. This is an immutable law of nature. The mobile phone is widely used by people, almost more than half of people use the phone and it brings great convenience for people, while it also brings great puzzle in other aspects. The blocker market is also followed such law of development.

In examinations, the examinees are cheating by their phones. Without phone blocker, maybe the overseer could not find them. Now, the uses of jammer will block the signals, the cheaters could not receive the information from cellular. As we know, in many important examinations, the school will start the phone blockers. And also it will be the controversial focus. With society dispute, the tools can suppress some rule-violating activities in some area. Such as the cheating in exam with mobile phone, invisible headset, confidential information of state and the precision the surgical instrument anti-interference of operating room, gas stations needs, all of those situations, the blocker can be used.

In the mobile phone blocker market of today, how to use this device as better effects and benefits? People should have just attitude to facing it. Furthermore, about mobile phone blocker, the state should have reasonable rules. It is not only related to information security and privacy, but also related to the safety of the market development. And we could not deny the great achievements of a high power 3G cell phone jammer with remote control.