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Cell phone signal booster becomes the spiritual link of emotion build-up

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Cell phone signal booster becomes the spiritual link of emotion build-up

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Posted on 20th Mar 2012 @ 9:56 AM

It is not easy to call up a phone to their family for the remote place soldiers. And now a cell phone signal booster becomes the spiritual link of emotion build-up. In this article you can read the stories of the border defense officers and soldiers.

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The depth of winter, the reporter came to the clouds Tibetan military region. In the early morning, Sergeant Cheng stands in the roof of kitchen and shouts loudly "dear sun, please send us the mobile phone signals!" The company located in the south foothill of Himalaya, there are more than 200 days rains and fogs days every year. It is far from town, the company could not install home phone. In order to receive and dial-out phone call to their family of soldiers, coordinate with local mobile communications, the company install a cell phone signal booster in their region.

The soldier could give their family a call in the weekends. And the soldiers always search signals. One day, the monitor of cookhouse is inspecting and mending the receiver of television, his phone is vibrating in his pocket. He found that it has 3 bars in the roof. And then, the roof of kitchen becomes fixed place of privates to call in the weekends."Last year I took a vocation to home. I saw my girlfriend. It was so moved." And Corporal Lee turns over his notebook and tells us "it has to one month to send a letter to my girlfriend, so I like to call phones." The romantic man wants to say something to her girlfriend, but finally he could not say the three words "I miss you".

"Dear, marry me! Our house…… Hello! Hello! Hello! Can you hear me?" Sergeant Cheng so hurried and searches the signal everywhere. 2 minutes later, he searches the phone signal. He hurries to explain the accident to his girlfriend. The eve of Spring Festival of last year, the soldiers call phones to their home. Private Lee talks with his family for several minutes and cries suddenly. Later, we know that when he joins the army, his grandparent suffers cancer. At that time, he could not receive the signals. So he always writes to his grandparent, and his grandparent tells him that his illness is under the control. But today, he calls to home; his parent tells the grievous news about the pass away of his grandparent.

The June of last year, Deputy Commander was married with his fiancée in the army. His wife wants to tell the news to their family and friends. So every day she climbs the roof to receive the signal. After call the phones, she deeply feels the hard of the soldiers.

With the cell phone signal booster, it is really convenient for the soldiers to call their family. And also there are more place to use it. More information you can browse the website www.jammerall.com.