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The use of cell phone signal jammer in school and examination

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The use of cell phone signal jammer in school and examination

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Posted on 26th Mar 2012 @ 10:06 AM

Cell phone signal jammer is a device which keeps a relative quiet and peaceful environment for people that they need to. It is widely used in many industries of our society, especially in school and examination. More professional manufactures produce the jammer; jammerall is a very professional manufacture.       

4 Band 4W Portable GPS Cell Phone Signal Jammer

A cell phone signal jammer is a device used to prevent mobile phones from receiving signals from base stations. Now the jammer has subsection shielding function, it blocks one of frequency that does not affect others. And it just interfere the down link (mobile phone) signals, without any effect of uplink (base station). And it can be used in school and examination.

As a teacher said that the jammer guarantees the quality of teaching. The class is an important place that needs a quiet environment and without any interference. Some students always send messages and play games in class. A cell phone jammer can put an end to these things. It keeps the teaching order and improves the teaching quality. On the other hand, as a student, using the cell phone at class, it will influence the learning of themselves and classmates. It is a disrespectful behavior for teacher. The same as a teacher, they could receive calls in class. It guaranteed the both sides of respect each other.

The students use the phone in sending messages, calling and playing games and so on. Some of them have a mobile phone addiction. Anytime, they always take out their phones. If the phone jammer installed in the school, it will alert the students and control the increasingly serious mobile phone addiction. Actually, it becomes a common problem of people. In the streets, in the train or other any place, it seems that people could not live in a world without cellular phone. The adults have the ability of self control, but the younger students have not. Therefore, the jammer can help to manage the students.

The most important usage of mobile phone blocker is that it can prevent the students from cheating in examinations. We should keep the fair of examination, but some of students want to break rules, and that is unfair to others. So the cellular phone jammers protect benefits of most students. It is reasonable for school and examination.

www.jammerall.com is a professional cell phone signal jammer website. It is specialized in all kind of jammer devices. Now there are many kinds of cell phone jammers can block the signals. The latest 3G/4G phone signal blockers are used in many industries. What we hope is that people especially the students they need a relative quiet environment, the phone blocker will give them such choice to jamming the phone signals. More information you can browse the website www.jammerallcom.