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To Secure Your Real Wealth with the WIFI Jammer

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To Secure Your Real Wealth with the WIFI Jammer

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Posted on 27th Mar 2012 @ 9:46 AM

Money or happy, which is more important, it is a simple question, but will trouble all of us from the ancient to the modern time, if the time to get back the peace and pricy with this WIFI jammer from www.jammerall.com .

5 Antenna Portable Cell phone & WI-Fi & GPS L1 Jammer

This week this day we will show you different surprise about wifi jammer story, we together are going to touch on an accidental encounter with the WiFi signal jamming device. As we have stepped into the explosion era of wifi signal jammer, particularly in those developing and developed countries, where there has been a bit of WiFi explosion of late, with whole areas of cities becoming WiFi enabled. Where it is the need place for a wifi signal blocking machine. Anyone you know who has read any formal IT Security book will know about the CIA Triad, Confidentially, Integrity and Availability, well security wise this post is going to be about Availability, i.e. jamming the WiFi signal. Now you might think WiFi jamming device sounds a bit far fetched and that it would require a lot of expensive equipment and expertise, but as I accidently discovered recently, it does not have to be, because since the appearance of cheap wifi signal jammer from www.jammerall.com , you have no worry about such problem at all.

You see we every family has the facility of Satellite TV, which feeds into the main TV, however earlier this year I wanted the ability to watch all those lovely Satellite TV channels on the bedroom TV as well, so I bought a cheap "Technique" TV broadcasting solution from the local supermarket for £20 ($40), instead of paying over odds with the Satellite TV company for a second set top Sat Box. The equipment consisted of a broadcast unit which attached to the SCART OUT of the downstairs Satellite TV box, which sends TV pictures, Sound and even the remote control infra red signals to a receiver, which connects to a SCART IN on the bedroom TV. Or frequently we used to depend on the wifi application for the computers during our every day life which one side benefits us a lot, but also brings us so many problems. No matter for keeping off those TVs wifi signals or the computer ones, for your peace and convenience, one WIFI signal jamming product is a must be chosen product during your next plan.

Without any doubt, it is possible to have effective WiFi jamming kit at a very cheap cost, I imagine with some customization you could increase the range of the WiFi jamming and make it a mobile device. From here www.jammerall.com , you will pick out the right one with your bright eyesight.

More details about cell phone jammer, GPS jammer, WIFI jammer or signal booster, welcome here our staffs are all there for offering you the best service. To secure your real wealth, starts from here!