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The Powerful and Amazing 45W Indoor Cell Phone Jammer

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The Powerful and Amazing 45W Indoor Cell Phone Jammer

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Posted on 31st Mar 2012 @ 10:09 AM

Nowadays the cell phone jammer is widely used in many places and different situations. Like the prison, this kind of device is used to prevent prisoners sending messages to the people outside. Besides a lot of people usually feel the sound of the cell phone is so annoy when they are at home and want a quiet environment. In this case, a mobile phone jammer plays an important role, especially the indoor jammer. And www.jammerrall.com is a reliable place to buy a jammer.

High Power (45W) indoor Cell phone Jammer +Omni Directional Antennas

A lot of people say there are various kinds and types of jammer products selling in market. So it is really hard for them to choose a suitable one which can be used in indoor area. If you know the high power 45W Indoor Cell Phone Jammer, you will find it easy to make a choice and after using it you will be satisfied and amazing. For it has the characteristic as follows:
Firstly, since it is a high power cell phone jammer, which is designed for indoor using and it has a output power up to 45W, so when it is used in indoor places it can blocks the cell phone jammer more efficiently. And really create a quiet environment for you. That’s the reason why it is used in some small and sensitive areas.
Secondly, the heat sink of the device is with good design it can control the temperature when it is working. So you don’t need to worry about the high heat or whether you have to stop use it in the hot summer. Maybe you feel it is just normal, in the following you will know it is really different.
So another advantage which you should pay attention to is that the cell phone jammer can block four different frequency bands. These four frequency bands are CDMA: 850-960MHz, GSM: 1805-1880MHz, GSM: 1920-1990MHz and 3G: 2110-2170MHz. You know in the market most jammers are can only be used for one or two frequency bands, but this one can be used to block the frequency of four bands, so you won’t be puzzled with the problem that what kind of frequency you should buy and whether it can work in the place you have planned.
Last but not the least is that it has four Omni directional antennas, and for the Omni directional antennas are so extensive that it can block the signal from different directions, which is really special for a lot of mobile phone jammer can’t do this. In additional the shielding range of the cell phone signal jammer can reach 100 meters, which is enough for indoor distance and you won’t be disturbed by the outside and enjoy yourself at home. And this device is easy to operate and install in indoor area.
After knowing so much about the high power 45W cell phone jammer, are you amazed by it characteristics, if so just go to www.jammmerall.com and by one for yourself. Then you will be pleased by the peaceful environment that it creates. Besides good quality and free shipping is our promise.