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Improve your weak signal by using 2.4GHz cell phone signal booster

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Improve your weak signal by using 2.4GHz cell phone signal booster

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Posted on 3rd Apr 2012 @ 9:50 AM

With weak signal, our phones always come up some problems such as drop calls, limited uses and other problems. It is no use to change a new mobile phone. In this article, I will introduce a device for you from www.jammerall.com. It is the 2.4GHz cell phone signal booster; it can amplify the cell phone signal and help you to overcome the dropped calls and other weak signal problems.

Dual Band Mobile Phone Signal Repeater (CDMA800&PCS1900)

Nowadays, more and more people use mobile phone; it becomes a necessary of people's life. People use their cellular phone in any place, in the trains, cars, and other places they can. They dial out and receive calls, send messages and browse the websites and so on. It is sure that the good communication condition is essential condition to keep using mobile phone. But if you are living in weak signal place, you could not keep normal communication; I think you can try to use a 2.4GHz cell phone signal booster to amplify your cellular phone signals.

You may not familiar with the mobile phone signal repeater or cellular signal amplifier. It is a device used for boosting and amplifying the cell phone reception to the local area by using reception, rebroadcast antennas and signal amplifier. It is a small cellular broadcast tower which usually use in a building. The device can collect signal with external, directional antenna, and improve signal strength then create a large, high signal cellular phone zone. In order to prove it works perfectly, the product tester test the product in a weak signal area that his cell phone has little signal. But turn on the cellular booster; the cell phone has full bars and perfect signal.

When you are in a normally low-signal zone, changing a new cell phone won not do anything. What you need is a mobile phone signal repeater for maximum bars and excellent reception. It even includes everything you need to get and it is suitable for mobile networks worldwide. Furthermore, it provides customized engineering solutions in buildings where cell phone service does not exist.

Who is it useful for? The cellular phone signal amplifier is usually used in an area of the country where cell phone signals are normally weak, or locations where signals may be hard to reach, like basements, car parks, and tunnels. Due to its extensive coverage area, the booster has also found tremendous popularity in large areas owned by private businesses, such as supermarkets, cinemas, hotels, airports, etc. the devices are suitable for commercial as well as home use.

Do you have to make calls near outside window, because of lower or no cellular phone signal inside your room? Do you stuck in a one or two years contract but cannot use your phone at home or work? Do you miss calls because you have to leave your phone in a place to get signal? Now, the 2.4GHz cell phone signal booster from www.jammmerall.com will solve your all signal problems.