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Buy a cell phone frequency jammer in India of an online store

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Buy a cell phone frequency jammer in India of an online store

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Posted on 5th Apr 2012 @ 10:05 AM

With the development of economy and technology, more and more advanced products are produced by people. And with effective global trade, people could buy almost everything at online shops with most cost-effective price and good quality. One of professional jamming systems website www.jammerall.com will supply you best products. No matter where you are living in India, USA or any place of the world, you can buy a cell phone frequency jammer.

Wireless Detector of Dictaphone and Voice Monitoring
According to the news report, a prison official says that jammer system would be installed in all the jails to prevent use of cell phones by prisoners. Common sense says that cell phone should be banned in prison, but still some prisoners have mobile phones. They can still use mobile phone to dial-out, send or receive messages, surf Internet and so on. Those mobile phones are not permitted in jails. And now in India, there are many jails to install the cell phone jammer systems, such as in Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand, etc.

Nowadays, the jamming device techniques achieve highest jamming efficiency than conventional jammer. It jams almost all kinds of signals with less power but more powerful. The phone jammer transmits low power radio signals to cut off communications between mobile phones and mobile phone base stations. However, the jamming device will not interfere with the running of base stations and it will not cause extensive range mobile phones disabled. Just cut off the connection between cellular phones and base stations.

The powerful prison cell phone jamming systems have some common features. Firstly, it must be a powerful device. Most of prison mobile phone jammer is much more powerful than a normal blocker. Generally speaking, it provides waterproof function and cellular phone jamming power reaches to 50W or much more than 50 Watts. And it is designed for prisons, detention centers, and penal institutions, etc. the second feature is that it has widely jamming range. Most of device reaches to 80M or more than 80 meters jamming radius. Used in the prison, it can greatly reduce the possibility of break prison. The extensive jamming range and powerful function make the mobile phone disabled. What’s more, many jammers have metal enclosures which prevent sabotage of prisoners. Finally, an important function of jamming equipment is that it should be block all kinds of signals as CDMA, PHS, GSM, 3G and even latest 4G. And then install such devices in the prison; the mobile phone will lose its utility.

As we know, with the development of economy and global trade, we can buy almost everything in internet. It is more and more popular of shopping online. Wherever you are living in, you can buy a cell phone jammer from online stores. If you are an Indian customer who is searching for the mobile phone jammer in internet, www.jammerall.com is a good choice for you to choose a cell phone signal jammer. On this professional jamming devices website, you will know more information about mobile phone jamming system.