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Cell Phone Jammer for Schools

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Cell Phone Jammer for Schools

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Posted on 20th Jul 2011 @ 10:28 AM

Cell phone is one of the most convenient tools for communication and networks in the new century. However, with the development of the society, the disadvantage of cell phones among the students has already been exposed. The usage of cell phones has greatly influenced on the study, life, physical as well as mental health.

High Power Portable GPS and Mobile Phone Jammer(CDMA GSM DCS PCS  3G)

The adverse effects are as follows: firstly, the school requires a quiet and peaceful environment for the students. The students are expected to be fully devoted to their study. However, once the students have a cell phone in hand, they are obsessed with the communication with others. They will take every chance to increase the utilization ratio of the cell phone jammer. In the class, they would spend time texting, calling, chatting and browsing the internet. Besides, almost every cell phone is equipped with the video games, and the advanced cell phone even provides the students to play the online games. Many students have been obsessed with the computer games, which leaves the parents and teachers in great depression. If the students are provided with another access to online games via cell phones, the consequence is unbearably serious. What's more, the dishonest students may cheat in the examination via cell phones. They search for the right answers and send messages to their classmates or friends for help, undermining the efficiency and credibility of the examination system.

Something must be done to put an end to abuse of cell phones at school. Then a cell phone jammer releases the teachers and school board out of the trouble. A cell phone jammer is an electronic device that renders the communication between the receiver and the sender impossible. Utilizing the same frequency as the cell phone, the cell phone jammer interrupts the signal reception of the cell phone from the base station. The cell phone jammer is efficient in jamming the phone networks, such as PHS, GSM, UMTS, CDMA, and 3G. In the area where the cell phone jammer is located, the cell phone shows no signal, thus the phone users cannot receive calls or dial out and are deprived of the access to the internet.

It is important to note that the radiation from the cell phone jammer is relatively low and exerts no influence upon the human body. Thus the schools can feel easy and safe to use the equipment. The cell phone jammer enables the teachers to fight the phone blabbing and texting in the classroom. The parents can be assured that their children are far away from the online games. The school can save the efforts and money invested on the prevention of cheating, and make sure that the examination can be carried on in a fair and equal way. All in all, the cell phone jammer ganrantees the sound and healthy growth of the children.

The cell phone jammers create a peaceful and healthy environment for the campus. If you want to know how to install and use the cell phone jammer for your schools, you can visit us at jammerall.com. All the enquiry and purchase are welcomed.