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Fight Texting with Cell Phone Text Jammer

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Fight Texting with Cell Phone Text Jammer

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Posted on 20th Jul 2011 @ 10:39 AM

It can be certain that not everyone approves the popularity of the cell phones. They make it hard for the teachers to figure out who is really making progress in the recent examination or just a false result with the help of cell phone. The bosses can stop his employee from making phone calls during the working time, but texting a message is so obscure that the staff takes it for granted that sending messages is the perfect way to kill time without punishment. The cell phone text jammer is a big release to both the teacher and the boss.

Radar Model Cell Phone Jammer

The cell phone text jammer is operated against the working principle of the cell phone. By receiving the signals from the base station, the cell phone achieves the communication function with others. Adopting the same frequency the cell phone uses, the cell phone text jammer interrupts the reception of cell phones from the base station, disabling the normal function of the cell phone. Thus the cell phone can neither send or receive any messages. The sender on the other side can only get an automated message from the service provider that the delivery of message fails.

The text cell phone jammer is effective in blocking the GSM, PHS, CDMA, UMTS and 3G phone networks. Besides the text cell phone jammer is portable and easy to carry, thus it can work and be hidden in an obscure way. With the built-in battery, it can work effectively for a length of three or five hours, and be recharged within a short time. The antenna enables the users to adjust the blocking range in a flexible way. What's more, it is guaranteed that the radiation from the text cell phone jammer is relatively low and thus user friendly.

With the text cell phone jammer, the examination can help the teachers make clear which student exerts great efforts on his or her study, what is the weak point of the students at the time being? Thus the purpose of giving examinations can be achieved. The students do not have to trouble themselves checking the expected messages or spending several minutes waiting for a reply, thus will not be distracted from the teacher's instruction and their assignment. With the text cell phone jammer, the boss does not need to emphasize the importance of serving the customers. The staff have nothing to play during the working time. The best performance at work will be of great use to them, they would spend the time they would have wasted on texting messages on their customers and even enhance themselves during their spare time gradually, creating a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

The usefulness of cell phone text jammer remains to be said. If you are interested in the information about cell phone text jammer, welcome to visit our website at http://www.jammerall.com. The finest cell phone text jammer in the internet and the market is waiting for you there.