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40 Meter Range Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

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40 Meter Range Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

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Posted on 7th May 2012 @ 9:43 AM

Don't be sad about your calling life, you will have the bread and milk during your later calling life, because this 40 Meter Range Mobile Phone Signal Jammer from www.jammerall.com will return your peaceful life back.

40 Meter Range Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Talking about mobile phone jammers, we all know the exact definition of such device, it is the device which is mainly used for keeping off the signals of any unnecessary phone calls, once it is opened, and you can get back the peace. This 40 Meter Range mobile phone jammer is efficient enough to block all mobile phone signals such as GSM, CDMA, and PHS. And the jammers can also block little smart wireless city phone signal and SCDMA signal. The mobile phone jammers only block downlink frequency from BTS, but do not block uplink frequency from BTS. The jammers has no affection to other BTS, this may be other jammers fail to do.

If you have the worry such the bad effect for your health after getting back the mobile phone signal jammer, or if you think such device will do harms to other electronics, then they are all your unnecessary considerations, because you know the radiation from this jammer kit is low and meets to the standard of nation absolutely. Once you turn on the button, you can also use other electronics as normal; it does no effect to other devices at all. Following are the details about the today’s hot recommendation about this 40 Meter Range Mobile Phone Signal Jammer.

No harm to mobile phones: mobile phones can not send out or receive signals when the mobile phones are in jamming area, after get out of jamming area, mobile phones will automatically reestablish communications and provide full service. Can work automatically, doesn't need human being to maintain: GSH mobile phone jammers have high reliability, can work continuously in all places, if they are used outdoors, can use a wood case with a hold on the side to fix it to prevent water. React rapidly: react rapidly to different kinds of mobile phones. Block all kinds of mobile phone signals about ten seconds after switched on. And reestablish communications and provide full service about several seconds after switched off.

Frequency: CDMA: 851-894MHz; GSM: 935-960 MHz; DCS: 1805-1880MHz; 3G: 2110-2170MHz Total Output power: 8W Jamming range: 0-40M Jamming frequency: PHS/GSM/CDMA/3G/below/ScampWeight:2.0Kg. Dimension: 240mm (L)*140mm (W)*60mm (H). Power adapter: AC110-240V 50/60Hz DC5V/12A
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