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Economical Silvery Mini Portable Cell phone And GPS Jammer

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Economical Silvery Mini Portable Cell phone And GPS Jammer

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Posted on 11th May 2012 @ 9:45 AM

Most people want to own a peaceful life or accompany their family members after work or in the weekends but however they are often annoyed by the mobile phone calls. Now with the invention of the cell phone jammer, this problem has been solved. Taken the size and the price into consideration, the silvery mini portable cell phone and GPS jammer is a good choice at www.jammerall.com .

Mini Portable Cell phone & GPS Jammer + Silvery

This cell phone jammer uses super-high frequency and mini-power interference technology and high efficiency怂For this portable cell phone jammer can isolate five frequency bands, they are CDMA: 869-894MHZ, GSM: 925-960MHZ, DCS: 1805-1880MHZ, PHS: 1900-1980MHZ, GPS: 1500-1600MHZ. Seen from this point this cell phone jammer is really powerful and can help you a lot.

Besides by making subsection effectively, this device interfering downlink without causing any interception on the base station. Besides since it uses the rechargeable Li-battery as its power supply and the output power is only 5W, so when it is full charged it can work continuously for almost two hours. And the battery can be easily replaced by hand like a mobile phone battery so there is no need to worry that you will have difficulty in using it. Another important advantage is that it can be charged by the by Nokia charge, which is really amazing since most phone jammer didn't own the ability.

By using the internal antenna and Insulate per antenna, the phone jammer can work more effectively. And the slow start up design of circuit makes the elements possess the function of maintaining the stable operation condition with high integration.  The jamming radius of it can reach 10m, which is wide enough. What’s more, unlike other normal jammer this cell phone jammer is top hidden, which is really special. You may wonder that such kind of device is heavy, in fact it is opposite. Since it designed as a portable cell phone jammer, the weight of it is only 68g, in this condition it is easy to carry.

So where can you buy such a good cell phone jammer? Then www.jammmerall.com must be a good place. There free shipping and high quality is promised and for this device, all the parts will be warranted for 15 month. If so you can imagine that it is really a high quality one. So do not hesitate, just go ahead!