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Portable GPS Jammer for Businessman

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Portable GPS Jammer for Businessman

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Posted on 22nd Jul 2011 @ 10:32 AM

Great changes have taken place in our life with the help of the scientific technology. We do not have to look at a map or need a guide in the new city. A computer screen in our cars will show us what direction, what street and the shortest way to get somewhere. It will guide the ambulance and fire trucks to their destination faster. It will help the delivery business a lot by helping the boss keep track of the delivery trucks. All the convenience is indebted to application of the GPS system.

Mini GPS Satellite Isolator

GPS system is a satellite-based system which provides a precise signal for navigation that can be used to position anyone or anything, anywhere on the planet. GPS therefore represents, quite simply, nothing but the best navigation tool that human beings have ever devised. However, in recent years, the fierce competition and high pressures of life have made the GPS a dangerous thing to us all. The businessman should be cautious that his location may be tracked by a GPS device. The car he drives may be the spy that exposes his activities to his business rivals, leading to the economic loss, or even worse to the kidnapping or death. Is there a solution to defeat the tracking device? The answer is definitely yes. The portable GPS jammer will help the jbusiness put an end to their disturbances.

Judging from its appearance, the portable GPS jammer looks no bigger than a cigarette pack. Thus it is easy to use and can be hidden in an obscure way, which fits in with the cautious style of the businessmen. The portable GPS jammer is efficient in blocking the transmission of GPS signals, like the L1, L2, L5. With the switch of the portable jammer on, no GPS signal within the radius of 10 meters is available. With the built-in battery, the GPS jammer can last for three to five hours, with the AC adapter available in case of the GPS jammer running off power. What's more, if in urgency, the GPS jammer can still work while being recharged. It is necessary to note that the GPS jammer functions without the interference to cell phone or other electronic devices.

Safety, security and prevention of surveillance are of vital importance to businessman. You can secure yourself and the vehicle from the tracking devices. The portable GPS jammer ensures you to do anything you want. If you are interested in the information about the GPS jammer or other jamming devices, you will find the most satisfactory goods in our website at http://www.jammerall.com/. Your satisfaction is our constant pursuit.