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Say Goodbye to Weak Mobile Phone Signal with Cell Phone Signal Booster for DCS 1800MHz

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Say Goodbye to Weak Mobile Phone Signal with Cell Phone Signal Booster for DCS 1800MHz

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Posted on 22nd May 2012 @ 9:44 AM

If you are still bored with the weak signals time when you are making important calls, improve your phone life, start from here www.jammerall.com , and directly purchase this Cell Phone Signal Booster for DCS 1800MHz for adding more security for your present life.

Cell Phone Signal Booster for DCS 1800MHz

You may often have had the frustrating experience of dropped calls due to weak signals in the so-called "cellular dead zones". What would you do in such situation? Run fast to a far away place to get back the signals belonging to you or you have a better choice for your more convenient life? Cell Phone Signal Booster will do the magic. Choose a booster kit from www.jammerall.com , and experience better signal, longer battery life, and lower radiation. You will like the feeling of shopping online, start from here, the global famous store offering you best service for your boosting life, start from here you will get rid of the troubles of losing signals or losing any important calls.

This Cell Phone Signal Booster for DCS 1800MHz is popular with small-scale hot-spot signal Complaints areas, such as conference rooms ,a small supermarket, small shopping malls ,the office and small public areas, etc. Traffic and large social influence areas ,such as bars ,cafes ,dance halls ,cafes ,fitness clubs and leisure etc. About its installing and working you should know more. The installation procedure for cell phone boosters may vary according to the product. The necessary steps involved may consist of the following: 1. Identify the most suitable location with the strongest signals, to install the external antenna. You can do this by looking at the signal strength indicator on your mobile phone handset.2. Use the mounting brackets and to vertically install the antenna, at least three feet away from metallic objects like air conditioning units and pipes.3. Take the coaxial cable and attach it to the base of the signal antenna.4. By using an optional window entry kit, you can run the other end of the coaxial cable through your window and attach it to the base unit which is kept indoors.5. Ensure that the base's antenna is at a 90 degree angle to the base unit. Connect the power supply to the base unit. You will need to adjust the distance between the two antennas to eliminate any error indications. You see after reading such information you can also be one of the experts in the booster area.


Following is the details about its specifications Working System: DCS1800MHz Frequency range: -Uplink1710-1785MHz -Downlink 1805-1880MHz Gain:Up link: Gp ≥63dB,Downlink: Gp≥65dB Output up: Up link :23dBm, Down link :25dBm Function: -Power supply LED denote -Export power LED denote Port VSWR:≤1.8DB I/O impedance: 50Ω/N connector ALC:≥10dB In-Band ripple:≤6dB Noise figure:≤6dB Transmission delay:≤0.5μs Net Weight: 1.37KG Power supply: AC/110-220V±10% 45~55Hz Size: 198mm×148mm×39mm Coverage area: 60Sqm.


What are you hesitating about? In order to escape the boring no signals life, you should make up your mind to take this cell phone signal boosters with you. Go and get it from www.jammerall.com .