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Purchasing Cost-efficient Cell Phone Jammers from China

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Purchasing Cost-efficient Cell Phone Jammers from China

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Posted on 26th Jul 2011 @ 10:56 AM

Cell phone jammer is a kind of device which can block the signal of cell phones in a certain radius while it is on. Generally speaking, this jamming gadget is usually used in all sorts of examination halls, schools, gas stations, churches, conference centers and military and law enforcement offices and the like. With cell phone users spread like the bamboo shoots after spring rain, people are getting more and more tired of being subjected to other one's personal conversations over a phone in the public places. Nowadays, some municipalities are considering mounting cell phone jammers in some necessary public spots.

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Cell phone using are illegal in some countries like in the USA, however, in most Asian countries, there is no such prohibition up to now. Take China as an example. There are a lot of manufacturers in China concentrate in the producing of jamming devices. Meanwhile, the online wholesale and retail vendors selling blockers are also hot spots in China like the jammerall site. The cell phone jammers from China are well known in the whole world for its high quality with low price.

A cell phone jammer is usually a simple device which has a switch to turn on and off and a signal indicator to show whether it's working or not. Of course, an external antenna for sending and receiving signal is indispensible. Some more complicated cell phone jammers might include a control button to adjust the frequencies for different cell frequencies.

Portable-sized cell phone jammers are usually powered by batteries. Besides, the batteries are even as small as cell phone batteries. On the other hand, larger cell phone jammers might be electrically powered.

Cell phone jammers typically have a working range of between 50 and 80 feet. This means that the cell phone jammer can only successfully block the signal of cell phones which are within this range. As soon as the cell phone travels out of this range, the signal will return and you can use the phone again. However, more sophisticated cell phone jammers might have larger ranges.

Since using or selling cell phone jammers might cause some legal troubles, you'd better figure this out before choosing such a gadget. Like in the United States, it is illegal to sell cell phone jammers. In the U.K., selling cell phone jammers is legal but civilians cannot legally use them. So whether it is legal to own and use a cell phone jammer depends on your location.

All in all, various kinds of electronic products are really a bargain in China, including the cell phone jammers. People can always find a gadget to their satisfaction from no matter online shops or the storefronts.