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Cell Phone Jammer for Boss

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Cell Phone Jammer for Boss

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Posted on 20th Jun 2012 @ 9:47 AM

The good way to make your boss calm down during the meeting time when the phone device is running out of its way and rings in the special time, how to cut off those noises, by using the cell phone jammer from www.jammerall.com , you will know the good way to make your boss happy.

20W Remote Controlled Cell Phone Jammer with Directional  Panel Antenna

There you are, the boss, holding one of your company or group meetings. Everything seems to be going just fine, everyone seems focused and the message conveyed in the gathering seems to be getting across, and then ?there it goes, the dreaded ring of someone's cell phone. Or you may notice that someone keeps looking downwards, perhaps reading a text message they just received. It really makes your boss crazy, you know the exact regulation, while just because of the carelessness in a wrong time, you may encounter the miserable fire next time. How to avoid such terrible fate, buying the cell phone signal jammer from www.jammerall.com , you will have no worry about such situation.

Nothing is more annoying than having something like that occur during a meeting, brainstorming session or whatever group gathering you are having. It takes away from the focus of the meeting and to be honest it is just downright disrespectful. And it seems that no matter how many times you tell people that cell phone usage? in any way, shape or form?i s not allowed during these gatherings, there are always going to be those who do not get it. Usually if the meeting is taking place in a small to mid-sized room you can pretty much identify who the guilty party is.  But sometimes the gathering may be taking place in a spacious setting and there is no way of knowing exactly who the violator is, and nobody is about to admit it was their phone if they think they can get away with it. To keep a quite meeting time, preparing a cell phone jammer before meeting is necessary, come to here www.jammerall.com to find out the suitable one for you.

That is why you as the boss should equip yourself with a cell phone jammer or cell phone jamming equipment. Now, we know there are going to be some who complain that this is a violation of sorts, but what about the person whose phone is ringing and interfering with company business and maybe even policy? That in itself is a violation. Employees must understand that while they are on the clock, so to speak, and that barring lunch time or designated breaks, their only business is supposed to be company business. That is what you pay them for and that is exactly what you should expect and receive. So by all means, feel free to use a cell phone jammer during company meetings.

And another reason to use cell phone jamming equipment is that often people will have their phones on vibration or silent mode. This enables them to still know that they have received a call or when in silent mode they are going to be prone to look down at the phone in their lap to see if they have received a text. But once they know that for whatever reason, their phones are not working during meetings, that is one message they will definitely get. So if you are finding these disrespectful and disruptive annoyances occurring during company sessions, by all means utilize a cell phone jammer.

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