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Need a Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Now

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Need a Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Now

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Posted on 5th Jul 2012 @ 6:28 PM

To be happier with one mobile phone signal jammer from here www.jammerall.com to let you to get rid of those noises life soon.

In this material world, we need too much energy to deal with different kinds of trifles in our daily life; we have no time to bear those unstopping rings of mobile phones around our ears, so we need a mobile phone signal jammer from the most authoritative site www.jammerall.com to solve our problems immediately.  

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Unemployment just makes you miserable. Across most surveys, nothing correlates with unhappiness more than unemployment, except perhaps for bad health. This effect is particularly strong among men in Great Britain, Germany, and the U.S. There is an odd silver lining: Being around lots of other unemployed people makes us feel better about not having a job. So high-unemployment regions can possibly "neutralize" the negative effects of unemployment -- but that shouldn't make you feel good about them.

Convenient mobile phone communication makes our life more fashion, while at the same time the miserable fact is that it also brings us too many noises, so need to be happy we need a mobile phone signal jammer from www.jammerall.com to change it to be better.

Inflation makes you pretty unhappy, too. But its effect is weaker than unemployment. The mixed evidence seems to suggest that a volatile inflation rate decreases well-being, but in countries with generally stable prices, a little inflation has a small effect on happiness. And guess whose happiness inflation ruins the most? Right-wingers, apparently. Working more hours makes you happier until it makes you miserable. As workers move from part-time work to full-time work, they're happier. But as they move from full-time work to Jesus-when-will-this-day-finally-end work, the joy of labor subsides. There seems to be an "inverse U-shaped relationship" between hours worked and self-reported well-being, although the precise figures differ across countries. Fascinatingly, one study found that, although working long regular hours correlates negatively with well-being, "working overtime has a positive effect on job satisfaction." Go figure. Commuters are less happy. The studies here are really interesting. Health scientists say that commuting can make you sick and die -- not conducive to happiness. Daniel Kahneman's research on female happiness found that while commuting, women experienced the " lowest ratio of positive to negative emotions during the day." One study pegged the magic number at 22: If your commute is more than 22 minutes, there is an appreciable decline in reported well-being. Yet another study found that for every 10 minutes of additional commuting, community involvement falls by 10 percent. Self-employed people are happier. When workers think they're good at their job and that their bosses like them, they're more satisfied. So it makes sense that when they are their own boss, they're happier to work. A famous OECD study found that the self-employed” typically report higher levels of overall job satisfaction than the employed." But another study suggests that only rich self-employed people are happier to be self-employed. Debt sucks. The kind of debt matters. Mortgage debt doesn't correlate much with happiness. Credit card debt does -- in a negative way. Either way, high debt correlates strongly with anxiety and depression. (Via Well-being evidence for policy is from a review. For another discussion of happiness economics that is generally more optimistic about income's relationship to happiness.  

Above you think is too negative, but which is the fact. So nobody has to bear any disturbance in their heavy burden day, every one can get use of the modern tool to live a better life, buy a mobile phone signal jammer to keep off those phone dins, buy a blocker to jam any unnecessary signals in your life, this is the big mission of www.jammerall.com . More information you can have a visit here.