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Wifi Jammer in the Wireless World

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Wifi Jammer in the Wireless World

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Posted on 27th Jul 2011 @ 9:00 AM

The application of wifi system has made the transmission of signals more and more rapid. With the promotion of the wifi system, more and more electronic devices are enjoying good fame for the wifi function, such as the cell phone, the e-book, the MP5, the tablet computer, not to mention the laptop. The wireless network has enabled us to get the most recent news and contact with our friends in a most convenient way. However, some places do not welcome the use of wifi signals for security concerns, for example the metro station, the hospitals, where the wifi signal may interrupt the normal working system of these places. But since the trend of the wide application of the wifi system cannot be altered, there must be another way out for the situation. Yes, a wifi jammer is the perfect solution to the current situation.

4W Powerful All WiFI Signals Jammer (2.4G,5.8G)

A wifi jammer is designed to block the transmission of wireless signals within a radius of ten meters. By adopting the same frequency the wifi system uses, that is in the frequency of about 2.4 GHZ, the wifi jammer cuts off all wireless camera, wifi and Bluetooth communications. With the flip of the wifi jammer on, a new world is created. The wifi jammer is light in weight, small in appearance and can be carried around without being noticed. The built-in battery makes the wifi jammer in function for three to five hours, and the AC recharger can restore the power within thirty minutes.

The wifi jammer is functional under various circumstances. In the private meeting, the wiif jammer creates interference to the surveillance devices, so that the spying video receiver can only get some spotty pictures without any sound. The hospitals can create a favorable environment for the patient as well as the doctors, for the wifi signal might lead to the fault in diagnosis because of its interruption on the medical equipment. In the examination rooms, the teachers do not have to implore everyone to turn off the cell phone, since the wifi function has enabled the students to search for the test questions and answers at a fast speed. So just turn the wifi jammer on, when conducting the important activities, such as company presentation, business forum, legal proceedings and so on, instantly the user can have a completely safe and disturbance-free environment. All in all, the wifi jammer helps to prevent the unauthorized person from leaking out the confidential information.

Wifi jammer--a perfect tool for securing privacy and safety in the wireless world. If you are interested in the wifi jammer or other jamming devices, welcome to visit our website at http://www.jammerall.com/.