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Cell Phone Signal Jammers Help You During a Meeting

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Cell Phone Signal Jammers Help You During a Meeting

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Posted on 28th Jul 2011 @ 10:01 AM

What would you do without cell phones? Wow, that is terrible. However, sometimes you have to obey the rule, otherwise you will be punished. News reported that the speaker of the Italian Common Counsel was troubled about the abusive use of cell phones during meetings. After every means had been tried, he required that the conference room be equipped with loud speakers. With the maximum volume, the disturbing noise generated by the cell phones was killed and the council members had to focus their attention on the speaker rather than their cell phones.

Cell Phone Signal Jammers Help You During a Meeting

Admittedly, such an approach is effective but not practical in most circumstances. No one can afford the loud speaker for a couple of hours. Is there a better solution to creating a favorable meeting environment? Cell phone signal jammers are the ideal tools.

Nowadays, less and less people would obey the phone etiquette. At any time, in any place, they would take out their cell phone and talk aloud in public. Cell phone signal jammers are designed to put an end to the disturbances caused by cell phones. Cell phone signal jammer is an electronic device that emits the phone signals in the same frequency range that cell phones use, effectively blocking their transmissions by creating strong disturbances. It can block the GSM, CDMA, AMPS,DCS, PHS and 3G phone signals in a radius of twenty up to two hundred meters. When the cell phone signal jammers are switched on, in its blocking range, the phone users cannot pick up any incoming calls, or dial out or get short message services, which misleads them to believe that the problem is due to the poor reception of signals without knowing that their cell phones are being jammed.

With the cell phone signal jammers equipped in the conference meetings, the organizer would not have to trouble with phone noises. The attendees can stay focused on the challenges facing them. Their callers would not know that their friends are disabled to talk to them at the moment, for they get the automated voice message from the service provider telling that the number they are trying to dial is out of the service zone. So the cell phone signal jammers help the attendees to refuse the callers in a polite way.

Always remember the golden rule in a meeting is that to make the other person feel like the most important person in the world. Listen to the one in front of you, make eye contact with him or her and contribute your own ideas. You know you have no chance to chat with your friend, with cell phone signal jammers installed in the meeting room.

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