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Why now is the Right Time to Go Audio Recorder Blocker?

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Why now is the Right Time to Go Audio Recorder Blocker?

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Posted on 13th Aug 2012 @ 12:20 PM

This is the era for jamming behavior, at the same time for another kind of blocking device, as for why now it is the right time to go audio recorder blocker? Welcome to www.jammerall.com and click into the audio jammer list, you will find the real answer, let's go now! Free and cheap, you will like it.

Audio Recorder Jammer + 8 Meters

We all say that it is the era for modern technology, for the time of the fashion electronics; however, we know it is because of the high end science and non- stopping changing skills to add more surprise for our more convenient life. Why now is the right time to go and own the fashion audio recorder blocker? Why not to go and ask about the most professional site http://www.jammerall.com/products/Audio-Recorder-Jammer-%252b-8-Meters.html ? There you will find everything about such device.

Just click into the store, what you are looking at is the hot selling product. This Audio recorder blocker is a device that prevents the non-authorized recording of your conversations with audio cassette recorders or audio digital recorders. Jammer suppresses the operation of the recorders by radiating noise interference. The parameters of the noise interference are specially adapted for suppression of many types of recorders. It improves the functioning performance of the  audio recorder jammer. In addition, you can use the audio recorder jammer to protect yourself from being listened by many types of the eavesdropping devices such as audio mini transmitters. You can use the audio recorder jammer as desktop device in your office, as standalone device in your briefcase. It is specially designed to show clock and disguise its actual functioning. You can put any office item on top of it (such as phone set, penholder, etc.). Thus, you can hide functioning of the audio recorder jammer from anyone who is trying to get confidential information.

Next you had better to know some tips about it. Important Remarks for Use Guideline are from www.jammerall.com .

This device mainly supports Cassette Recorder and Digital Recorder only, mobile phone audio recording is unavailable for this audio jammer; Please make sure the unit full charged before use, do not use the jammer while charging; The jamming performance will be affected if the jammer antenna direction is not the same with the recorder location.(Antenna direction: on the right side of the jammer if you look towards the display panel, also the antenna point to right) Technical Specifications Jamming Area: Up to 8meters (Depends on signal strength, at the site to be jammed)Distance of suppression: For Digital Recorder, 0.5-1 meters; For Cassette Recorder, Up to 8 meters (26 feet).Suppression beam-width: Horizontal: 150° Vertical: 120° Remote control range: 10m (33 feet) Power Supply: 14.4VDC; 4500mAh Ni-MH; 110V-240VAC international power adaptor. Dimension: 290x210x30 mm Product weight: 2.5kg Package weight: 4.5kg Working Time: Up to 3 hrs

Now you have known the real reason to get such device. You have got the enough reason and courage to buy the audio recorder blocker for your more wonderful time, ok now, you should go directly.