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Useful and Good Designed Wireless Signal Jammer for office use

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Useful and Good Designed Wireless Signal Jammer for office use

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Posted on 23rd Aug 2012 @ 10:20 AM

Do you often feel annoyed by the noise of the cell phones and want to find out a useful method or device to help you solve the problem? If you meet such a serious problem, now there is no necessary to worry. Just come to www.jammerall.com, and pick up a wireless signal jammer, then all the problems can be solved easily.

Portable Wireless Block - Wifi,Bluetooth,Wireless Video Audio Jammer

As the rapid development of the economy and science, more and more people own the ability and money to buy the high technology products such as computers, cell phones and so on. But when they create convenience for us at the same time they also bring us a lot of annoyance, just take the cell phone for example, the noises of the cell phones often ruin people's sleeping quality, and cut people's thought when they are think of some important things. And now a lot of people do private things or some people are often disturbed by phone calls when they need a quiet working condition. To solve the problem this wireless phone signal jammer can be the best choice and do you a favor.

Since it is a high technology product and is designed to block the signals of the mobile communication as the mobile phone calls really make people become upset in some serious conditions. Thus another good merit of it is that it can prevent the lawbreakers using mobile phones when they are in the prison. But what are the specifications of this wireless signal jammer?

Firstly the jamming effect of this wireless phone signal jammer is powerful compared with other jamming devices as the jamming range of it can reach 50 meters depend on the signal strength, at the site to be jammed. And it provides optional celluar systems, and as Option A for American Market and the frequency bands are CDMA: 850-894MHz; GSM: 925-960MHz: S/DCS: 1805-1990MHz; 3G: 2110-2170MHz, while Option B for Europe Market: CDMA: 869-894MHz; GSM: 925-960MHz; DCS: 1805-1880MHz; 3G: 2110-2170MHz. And in this situation you can choose the type according to the place you are in, which is really convenient for your using. But don’t worry this device won’t do harm to people’s health and will not interfere with other education equipments. Besides when the mobile phones are out of the coverage of the device it can back to its normal use.

Such a device is especially suitable to be used in a fixed places like at the theater, home and the office as the weight of it is 2.3kg and not very easily to carry. Especially being used in the office, why? As quiet working condition and conferences need quiet and safe environment, and when use such a device, the mobile phones will be jammed so people can pay all their attention to their work during the working hour and own high work efficiency, which is both for people and their company.

So such kind of wireless signal jammer is useful and powerful. Do you want one? If you need one, just come to www.jammerall.com and take action to pick up one, then you will own this high technology and high quality device at the best price.