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Better Understanding and Advantages of the 868 MHz Jammer

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Better Understanding and Advantages of the 868 MHz Jammer

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Posted on 24th Aug 2012 @ 10:42 AM

Do you still hold the view you that the jammer product like the 868 MHz Jammer is \not a good product and will risk the safety of people's cars? Then if you have had a better understanding of it, you will change your mind.

As people often see on the TV or on the internet that the some people who steal the cars by using the car remote control jammers, so they think such device like the 868MHz Car Remote Control signal blocker is not good, but just as the old saying says that every coin has two sides, in fact the 868 MHz Jammer has a lot of merits if you know more information about it.

The 868 MHz Jammer works on 868 MHz frequency and owns an accuracy jamming frequency range of +/- 2MHz. This remote control jammer is good at preventing the signal transmission, which leads to disabled of car remote keys. Owning 1W working power it won’t waste energy and the 1x12V Super Alkaline Battery is used as its power source. And it owns powerful Covered Area, which reaches 25 meters radius. Besides the 868 MHz Jammer can adapt to all kinds of remote controls, such as car remote control, garage remote control, door control, even TV and toy vehicle remote control.

Then the advantages of the 868 MHz Jammer appear, you know now a lot of students are addicted to the TV programs and playing with their toys all the time. But in fact this is not good both for their life and study, why? It is a common sense that spending too much time on watch TV is harmful to the children’s eyes. Besides if they go on like this they are not willing to spend time on their study, if so many problems will comes.

Apart from this when at weekend their parents want to take them out to have a journey or take them to the play field, they always say "I am sorry, but I just want to stay at home and watch TV". For the parents this is really an annoy thing but what can they do or what device can be used to help them solve the condition? The best choice is the 868 MHz Jammer as it can jamming the signal of the TV and toys, and at this time the parents can say "dear, there is there is something wrong with the TV set, you go and do the home work first, I will find out the problem, ok?" And this is useful to most children, seen from this point this is really a good device.

Besides if have stop your car in your garage and afraid that it would be stolen by others. After you have locked it, such a device can also be used to ensure the safety of your car. But where to gain such a car remote control jammer? Then it is turn to go to www.jammerall.com and pick up one.