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On the Road with Cell Phones Jammer

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On the Road with Cell Phones Jammer

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Posted on 28th Jul 2011 @ 10:13 AM

With the improvement of the living standard as well as the advance of technology, an automobile becomes a common possession to most families. At the same time, the popularity of cell phones offers a convenient way for communication. According to a survey, almost eighty percent of the drivers have phone calls while driving. Most of the car owners think that if careful enough, they can avoid car accidents. Actually report shows that the rate of car accidents caused by the distracted driving is as high as thirty percent, which is almost the same rate of drunk driving. The drivers agree that it is dangerous to make phone conversation, but they have their own reason, that is,  it is impolite to refuse the phone calls, especially those from the superior or the important client. How can the drivers say no to the disturbance of cell phone calls without hurting the caller's feelings? Then the cell phones jammer is a must for them on the road.

On the Road with Cell Phones Jammer

According to its working principle, cell phones works at certain frequency and gets signals from the base station. Cell phones jammer is an electronic device that fights against its working principle. By adopting the same frequency as the cell phones, the cell phones jammer creates strong interference to the transmission of phone signals from the base station. The cell phones jammer can jam the phone signals from the network, including CDMA, GSM, AMPS, DCS, PHS and 3G. Once the cell phone jammer is switched on, the phone user cannot answer phone calls and dial out, have no short message service as well as access to the website. The caller on the other side could only get an automated short message from the service provider that the number they are trying to dial is out of the service zone. In this way can the drivers avoid the callers without saying " Do Not Disturb".

Cell phones jammer is a great gift for all the people on the road. If you are walking to the office, you do not have to go in a roundabout way to avoid the distracted car drivers. With the jammer in your pocket, shut up the blabbermouth and move on as usual. If you are in a dilemma whether to pick up the phone call or not, the cell phones jammer helps you to refuse the caller in an acceptable way, for the cell phones jammer makes him or her believe that the signal reception in your moving area is weak.

Safety is of paramount importance. If you find this device useful, welcome to contact us at our website jammerall.com. The best cell phones jammer and other jamming devices are made for you.