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Ensure Security of Your Network with the Handing Wifi Jammer

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Ensure Security of Your Network with the Handing Wifi Jammer

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Posted on 28th Aug 2012 @ 10:25 AM

How to live and keep safety is always an important and hot issue and now as the internet develops with high speed, the wifi signal is one of them but it can really bring some potential danger. So how to solve the problem the wifi jammers can be the best choice.

5 Band Portable Wifi Wireless Video Cell Phone Jammer

There are many types of signal that can make it possible to surf the internet, among them the wifi signal is widely used, this is especially common in countries like England and so on. Although this can bring a lot of convenience for people, it do own the potential risks. In such situation, people want to remove the risk, and that is why the wifi signal blocker made its appearance in front of people.

There are many types of wifi jammers in the market, you may not know which one to choose. But it doesn't matter, if you know more about this Handing Wifi Jammer you will certainly think it can be your first choice. Then just have a basic understanding of this handing wifi jammer.

Firstly seen from its appearance it doesn’t looks like a wifi jammer and it is not easy to discover by others, which make you more convenient to carry it with you. Secondly with built-in high gain panel antenna the jamming effect and jamming range of this device is pretty good. So the jamming distance of it can reach to 20 meters at most, really a long distance isn’t it? Thirdly the power states of it can be seen though the indicating of LED display. What’s more except jamming the wifi signal it also has the function of blocking CDMA (851MHz-894MHz), GSM (925MHz-960MHz), DCS (1805MHZ-1880MHZ), PCS(1930MHZ-1990MHZ) and 3G(2110MHZ-2180MHZ) signals, and seen from this point it is a multi-functional jammer. What’s more, you can select each band ON/OFF by DIP SW, which is really a good design and can meet with most people’s requirements. And it can work 24hous/365days with AC power on, also can be supported by power bank in case of emergency, and when it is supported by power bank it is portable and easy to carry.

Apart from the above this device also possesses wide application range. Where can it be installed? This is a question that people may ask. It can be used in places such as hang on the wall or put on the desk. And it is also an ideal product that can be used in meeting room, class room and many other situations. Why? For in such conditions a quiet environment is really needed and is of great importance.

By now you may have a better understanding of this wifi signal jammer now. Are you attracted by its function and beautiful appearance, if so just click your mouse and come to www.jammerall.com, this high quality jammer product will belong to you at a cheap price with free shipping. Just go ahead and seize the chance.