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Best Chances for GPS Jamming Device at Lowest Price Are Here

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Best Chances for GPS Jamming Device at Lowest Price Are Here

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Posted on 5th Sep 2012 @ 12:14 PM

Are you sometimes having the dream of getting the GPS jamming device at the lowest price? This can be a dream of most people, maybe in the past it is a dream, for you have to pay much for such a device, but now this goal can be easily achieved and you just need to seize the chance.

Do you know the basic usage of the portable GPS jammer? In general it is a kind of device that is used to prevent the GPS device form receiving signals, and it is especially a good device for people who are always that they may be tracked by the tracking device through the people who aimed at risk their privacy or steal their business secrets. But most people have the feeling that the price of such kind of devices is too high. So how can they find such kind of GPS jamming device at lowest price? So do not worry, here at www.jammerall.com this goal can be reached and then a portable and cheap and portable GPS jammer will be introduced to you.

Then just have a look and deep understanding of this "5-Band Portable Cell Phone & GPS Jammer". Seen from the jamming range, the fastest distance can be reach up to 10 meters depending on the signal in the given area, which is really powerful as it is a portable one. Besides the output power of it is only 2W, so in this condition it doesn’t waste energy.  And as the built-in rechargeable battery are used as its power supply and when it is full charged the runtime of jamming signal can keep on for several hours.

And since the dimension of the device is only 110 x 62 x 30mm not including the antennas, and the weight is only 300g, so it is really easy to carry, which bring you a lot of convenience. And apart owning the function of jamming the GPS signals this device also own the ability of block the cell phone signals such as CDMA/GSM(860-970MHz), DCS/PHS(1805-1930MHz) and 3G (2110-2170MH), really a high quality product that combine the function of blocking cell phone signals and GPS signal together perfectly.

Besides being used to help prevent your privacy, such kind of device can also be the best choice and being used in places like schools, churches, and conference rooms where quiet environments are needed. What about the price of such kind of this portable GPS jammer? Just as said in the beginning the price of this device is really cheap. The price of this jammer product is only US$176.89, which is really cheap compared with many other GPS jammers that own the same function.

But where can you get such kind of high quality GPS jamming device at lowest price? It is really an important factor you should consider, if so it is a good choice to come to jammerall, and pick up one. Then the high quality portable GPS jammer will belong to you with best price.